Web Drama “In Seoul” Releases Teaser

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Playlist Global new web drama “In Seoul” features Min Do Hee (Clean With Passion), Jang Young Nam, Ryeo Un, Jin Ye Ju as the main cast. It will have a total of 15 episodes.

In the teaser Kang Da Mi is busy watching the BTS video, suddenly her mother comes and scolds her for purchasing a BTS light stick from her pocket money. And also tells her to stop her fangirling and focus on study. Kang Da Mi replies by saying that this is the only joy in her life. In the end she gets frustrated and wishes to go to Seoul to become independent.

In Seoul main lead girl Min Dohee

mother in drama In Seoul

“In Seoul” web drama is about a high school girl Kang Da Mi (Min Do Hee) who is a big fan of BTS. She always gets scolded by her mother (Jang Young Nam) due to her fangirling, so she decides to go to Seoul to live an independent life. The drama will also show the struggles of growing age and also Kang Da Mi’s relationship with her mother.

“In Seoul” released 29 July on V live and 5 August on You Tube.

Watch the teaser here~

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