Kpop cast web drama Love Equation 11m

Korea Web Drama “Love Equation 11m” Confirms Main Cast


AOA’s Yuna and Chanmi, ASTRO’s Yoon San-ha and Honeyst’s Kim Chul Min are confirmed to star in the upcoming web drama “Love Equation 11m” (or “Love Formula 11M” also known as “11M Farewell Formula”) which will focus on the everyday struggles of youth.

“Love Equation 11m” will tell the story of an aspiring soccer player Ji Yoon (Chanmi) who has to give up this dream due to an injury. She then joins college as a regular student. There she cross ways with Tae Oh (Yoon San-ha) and romance begins between the two. Tae Oh is her senior who is famous for his good looks.

Yuna will play the role of Ji Yoon’s friend So Jin who is jolly in nature. So Jin has a crush on Tae Oh.

The web drama “Love Equation 11m” is expected to release in the second half of 2019.


New Poster Released For Korean Web drama “Love Formula 11M”

Love Formula 11M korean web drama poster 2019

Teaser Trailer

“Love Formula 11M” available to watch online on NAVER TV and Kakao TV

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