Song Yi and Dong Hyun first love

Korean Drama “My First First Love 2” releases first trailers


First two teaser trailers have been released for the upcoming Netflix original Korean drama “My First First Love 2”. The drama will have the same cast as Season 1, Ji Soo, Jung Chae Yun, Jin Young, Choi Ri and Kang Tae Oh.

The trailer shows how all of the five friends have now finally come to a stage of life where they need to pursue their dreams, make important life decisions and learn more about love and friendship. In one of the trailer it is also seen that Song-Yi and Do-Hyun are finally in a relationship and their friends are shocked to know about it. On the other hand Yun Tae-O is extremely unhappy about the two.

Song Yi and Dong Hyun first loveBecause this is my first love 2 friendsMy first first love season 2 spoilerJi Soo first first love s2

“My First First Love” S1 depicted the story of five friends Yun Tae-O (Ji Soo), Song-Yi (Jung Chae Yeon), Do-Hyun (Jin Young), Ga-Rin (Choi Ri) and Hoon (Kang Tae Oh) who are in their youth. Each having their own reason, leaves their house and end up living together at Yun Tae-O’s house. There they gain new experiences about love, friendship and everything. S2 will continue with more new and deeper understanding about love, friendship and life.

Netflix drama “My First First Love S2” will release on 26 July, 19.

Here are the trailers~

1 , 2

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