Melting Me Softly complete cast

Korean Drama “Melting Me Softly” Confirms Complete Cast


Much awaited Ji Chang Wook’s comeback drama “Melting Me Softly” (also called “Make Me Melt”) has confirmed Ji Chang Wook, Won Jin Ah, Yoon Se Ah, Im Won Hee, Kim Won Hae, Shim Hyung Tak, Jun Soo Kyung, Choi Bo Min and many more as its main and supporting cast. Recently the drama also held first script reading.

Melting Me Softly complete cast
The cast during the first script reading

“Melt Me” is a story in which a man and woman are convinced to be frozen for 24 hours for an experiment. But the experiment goes wrong and they both wake up after 20 years. Ji Chang Wook will take on the role of Ma Dong Chan, a cold yet good at love producer director and Won Jin Ah that of an unpredictable Go Mi Ran, a part-time employee at a broadcasting station.

Kdrama “Melting Me Softly” is expected to release in the second of 2019.

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