Han Ji Hye Golden Garden

Korean Drama “Golden Garden” Releases First Teaser

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A romance melodrama is just around the corner and recently the very first teaser trailer of the drama has released. “Golden Garden” will have Han Ji Hye, Lee Sang Woo, Oh Ji Eun and Lee Tae Sung as the main cast.

The teaser starts with a beautiful woman, lying on the sofa in a cold and dark room. Suddenly she notice the reflection of a woman in the mirror. She goes through the mirror to meet her. A lady is also there on the other side. She says that one of them should be gone. Pretty confusing!

Han Ji Hye Golden GardenOh Ji Eun Golden garden drama

“Golden Garden” will tell the story of four people who are from different backgrounds. They all gets involved in a single case. Beside being an orphanage Eun Dong Joo (Han Ji Hye) is of bright and positive personalty. Cha Pil Seung (Lee Sang Woo) is a detective whose parents died when he was young. He cannot fall in love due to the trauma of his parents death.

Kdrama “Golden Garden” is expected to release 20 July, 19 on MBC.

Here is the teaser~

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