Chubby Gong Soo Rin fat love story

Korean Web Series “Chubby Romance 2” Releases Teaser

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Second season is up for the teen web Korean drama “Chubby Romance”. Recently a teaser released for the drama series. The series will have Saetbyeol, Jung Min-gyu, Shin Se-hwi, Kim Chulmin and Guseul as the cast.

The teaser shows some high school junior friends who have some ordinary problems of a teenager. They move on with every problem in school with the help of their friends and also find their talents.

Kdrama Chubby romance friendsChubby Gong Soo Rin fat love story

“Chubby Romance 2” Web drama will continue with the struggles of season 1 in which Gong Su Rin (Saetbyeol) struggles to find her passion for life and love herself as she is with the help of her school friends Kim Min Jae (Jung Min-gyu), Go Yu Mi (Shin Se-hwi), Jeong Seon Ho (Kim Chulmin), Lim Gu Seul (Guseul) and her sister Gong Ju Yi (Kim Ye-ron).

“Chubby Romance 2” has already released on V Live on 5 July, 19. It will release on 12 July, 19 on YouTube channel tvN D STORY.


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