Korean Web Drama I have three boyfriends

Korean Web Drama “I Have 3 Boyfriends” Releases Teaser

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There is an exciting Korean web drama release just around the corner “I Have 3 Boyfriends” (or 3 Boyfriends, 1 Secret). The drama will have Lee Jung Sik, Kim Ji Eun (Doctor Prisoner), Mun Ji Hu and Park Sung Ho as the main cast.

In the teaser the Kim Ji Eun sadly counts her 3 boyfriends. Then we get a little into the story in which she hears from a doctor that she has amnesia. Then the teaser shows her having cute interactions with her 3 new boyfriends.

The first one is described as ‘Rough on the edges’ Minjun (Park Sung Ho). The second one is described as ‘So-Sweet and romantic’ Jihoo (Mun Ji Hu). And the third one as ‘Cute, Younger Guy’ Gunwoo (Lee Jung Sik). It then continues with the line ‘What is the secret behind this Y/N life?’

3 boyfriends drama cast

Screenshot from the trailer

Korean Web Drama I have three boyfriends

Screenshot from the trailer

You can watch the Korean web drama on Lululala Story Lab YouTube channel and also on JTBC4. “I Have 3 Boyfriends” will release on 3 July, 19 at 7PM KST (Wed-Sat).

Here is the teaser~

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