Korean drama “Designated Survivor : 60 Days” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)


“Designated Survivor : 60 Days” is a tvN drama series that released on 1 July, 19 and is available to watch online on Netflix and also will be soon available online on Viki.

Designated Survivor 60 Days


“Designated Survivor: 60 Days” Korean drama story goes like this. A bomb explosion results in the death of many high-ranking government officials along with the president. Then a Minister of Environment Park Moo-Jin (Ji Jin Hee) who was a professor of chemistry before, is given the job to run the country for 60 days. He unwillingly does it, but comes out as a good leader and also tries to find the people behind the explosion.


Political, Thriller

Main Cast

Ji Jin Hee as Park Moo Jin
Kang Han Na as Han Na Kyung
Heo Joon Ho as Han Joo Seung
Bae Jong Ok as Yoon Chan Kyung
Lee Joon Hyuk as Oh Young Suk


Kdrama “Designated Survivor: 60 Days” will have a total of 16 episodes.

Still Cuts (from trailers and official site )

Designated Survivor Ji Jin kdrama 60 days July 2019Ji Jin Hee Designated survivor KoreanLee Joon Hyuk survivor drama KoreanBae Jong Ok designated survivor


  1. “Designated Survivor : 60 Days” is a Korean remake of the ABC Netflix series “Designated Survivor”.
  2. Ji Jin Hee earlier starred in Korean drama “Misty” (2018).
  3. Kang Ha Na earlier starred in Korean drama “Familiar Wife” (2018).
  4. Bae Jung Ok earlier starred in Korean drama “Live” (2018).
  5. Heo Joon Ho earlier starred in Korean drama “Kingdom” (2019).
  6. Lee Joon Hyuk earlier starred in Korean drama “Are You Human Too?” (2018).



Teaser 2

Trailer 3 (characters)

Long Preview (Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, ……)

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      1. We just might! I watched the first two seasons of the American series. I loved the first season (second season kind of lost my interest). So I’m hopeful that the kdrama will bring over all of that awesomeness from the first season. It looks really promising 🙂

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