Melo Is my nature drama July 2019

“Be Melodramatic” Releases First Teaser

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Upcoming JTBC Korean drama “Be Melodramatic” (or Melo Suits Me) releases its first teaser trailer.

In the teaser we see group of friends who are watching a romantic melodrama together. Each have their own thoughts about the drama and love. In the end we see Ahn Jae-Hong waving in the drama.

Melo Is my nature drama
Screenshot from the trailer
Ahn Jae Hong Be Melodramatic
Screenshot from the trailer

“Be Melodramatic” will tell the story of three best friends Im Jin-Joo (Chun Woo-Hee), Lee Eun-Jung (Jeon Yeo-Bin) and Hwang Han-Joo (Han Ji-Eun). Im Jin Joo is drama script writer with a unique personality. Hwang Han Joo is the head in the drama company marketing team who is also a single mother and Lee Eun Jung is a documentary director.

Kdrama “Be Melodramatic” will release on 26 July, 19.

Here is the teaser~

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