Han Bo Reum funny scene level up

“Level Up” releases another trailer

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We have a new trailer released for the upcoming rom-com Korean drama “Level Up”. The drama have Sung Hoon and Han Bo Reum as the main leads.

The teaser trailer shows Han Bo Reum’s struggle with Sung Hoon as she tries to know him more. We also see her love for video games in the trailer.

Han Bo Reum funny scene level up
Screenshot from the trailer

Kdrama “Level Up” will revolve around Ahn Dan Te (Sung Hoon) and Shin Yeon Hwa (Han Bo Reum). Ahn Dan Te specializes in restructuring companies. He doesn’t talk much and only cares about the work. He is often considered as rude by others. Shin Yeon Hwa is a game developer at a company named Joy-buster. She is very passionate about her work. Their love story begins when Ahn Dan Te takes responsibility to save the Joybuster company from going bankrupt.

Kdrama “Level Up” is expected to release on 10 July, 2019 on Dramax and MBN.

Here is the trailer~

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