Angels last Mission Love ending

“Angel’s Last Mission: Love” (Final Episode Predictions)


After having a busy first half of this year, I was finally able to sit comfortably and watch a drama. ‘Angel’s Last Mission: Love’ (also known as One And Only Love) was already on my mind before release. I was eager about its plot that would show the love between a blind ballerina and an angel.

So here I am watching the Korean drama ‘Angel’s Last Mission: Love’ and I’m loving everything about it especially the main cast Shin Hye Sun and Infinite’s L. Their chemistry in the drama is really good.

Kdrama “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” released on 22 May, 2019 and right now it has aired till episode 20 (total 32 episodes). I must say it is pretty hard to predict the ending of this drama. But I have made some predictions below which could be leading to the ending of the drama.

Please note that this is not the exact ending of ‘Angel’s Last Mission: Love’. I myself don’t know what will happen in the end. These are just the guesses. Off-course this post is full of spoilers. So read it at your own risk. 😉 (These predictions are not suppose to happen right at the end. They are likely to progress through out the last 12 episodes of the drama)

1. Nina Would Get Famous For Her Role

guem ni na in one and only love angel's last mission

Guem Ni Na always feels insecure about herself. But she is potentially a good ballerina. I think she would prove helpful to Yeon Seo in future, as deep down she is a good person. My instincts tell me that her role in “Giselle” will be more appreciated than that of Yeon Seo, whether it being a second lead.

2. Ji Kang Woo (Ballet Instructor Of Fantasia)

Ji Kang Woo Angel's Last Mission Love

Ahh! I’m still confused about him. Sometimes I wonder if his part plays any importance other than confusing Dan in the drama. It is totally clear that Yeon Seo will never fall in love with him. And also he was an angel once. And he has been cursed for neither dying and nor living properly on this earth. He cannot be the rib of Yeon Seo.

3. Dan Will Tell All His Secrets To Yeon Seo

Angel dan told his sceret to yeon seo in the end

I believe at some point Dan has to tell his secret about him being an angel to Yeon Soo. As Dan loves her so much, he would not won’t to break her trust. And recently in last episodes we noticed that Yeon Seo is also sad about Dan hiding something from her. She is even trying to know him as much as she can. So I think it will come out anyway. Most likely before Dan’s mission is completed.

4. Dan Would Dissipate

angel dan infinite's l disappeared

I know it is hard to imagine that but I think it will happen 😭. As the sunbae angel Hoo said that the an angel would be given punishment of being turned into dust if they reveal their secret to human or if they fall in love with a human. So same goes with Dan. If he tells his secret then he has to dissipate.

5. Dan And Yeon Seo Would Meet Again

yeon seo and dan meet again episode 32

However I also believe that God’s plan is different for Dan. May be God want to give Dan his love of live that is Yeon Soo. And his punishment for 100 days and his last mission before going to heaven is only to test his love for Yeon Seo and what limits he could go for his love.

The same questions pop into my mind as Dan’s that

why would God send him only to Yeon Seo? and

why would God make him remember his human life through dreams. And that too that part of his life where he met Yeon Seo?

I think right now Dan is going to the right direction. But he must complete his mission. Only his falling in love is not enough. Yeon Seo has to also fall in love with Dan completely.

His mission will only complete after Yeon Seo says she loves him. May be she would say this to Dan in the end. And God will listen and make him angel again or may be a human.
If God wanted to punish him he would have done it earlier as Dan saved Yeon Seo two times during his mission. (You see, this does not make sense as Dan is being punished for saving Yeon Seo, but he saved her two times after that) You got it right! 😉

6. Ru Na And Her Mother Will Be Punished

runa in angels last mission love

No matter how much someone tries to hide the truth, it always comes out and here it is no exception. Ru Na, the most evil who kills anyone coming in her way will be devastated in the end. All the evil acts of Ru Na and her mother will be caught in the end they both would go to the jail.

7. Yeon Seo Will Own The Fantasia In Future

fantasia shin hye sun angels last mission love

I believe the drama “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” will have a happy ending. If it don’t, then I would go into depression damn!

In the end Yeon Seo will give a great ballerina performance of ‘Giselle’. She would win everybody’s heart. And she would get her Fantasia back. But still she will not be happy as Dan will not be with her then. She would pass days like this becoming stronger, but deep down missing Dan and she would cry in pain and say “Saranghaeyo Dan-ah”. And then Dan will come back, like he was always there. Probably when Yeon Seo will be holding interview for her new secretary. The end! ❤ (Purely my imagination 🥰).

Angels last Mission Love ending

So these were my guesses for the ending of “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” and also an imagination for the happy ending of the drama. What are your thoughts about these predictions? Have you made any guesses of your own? Do let me know in the comments below! I would love to have a discussion here. ❤

Anneyeong ❤ 🙂

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