love affair in the afternoon july 2019

“Love Affairs In The Afternoon” releases first two teaser trailers


So a melodrama romance is coming this July, probably making it more hot as its name reads “Love Affairs In The Afternoon”. The drama is going to be released by Channel A and the first two teaser trailers have already released. We get a little glimpse of romance between Park Ha Sun and Lee Sang Yeob who are the main leads in the drama.

In the first teaser Park Ha Sun is sad and crying. She is riding a bicycle in a haste, probably running way from something.

In the second teaser Lee Sang Yeob takes Park Ha Sun’s hand and they run away. Hmm! a lot of running. It is definitely going to be an interesting watch. I’m already feeling the heat.

Lee Sang Yeob love afairs in the afternoon
Screenshot from the trailer
Park Ha Sun Umbrella scene love
Screenshot from the trailer

“Love Affairs in the Afternoon” is a remake of the 2014 Japanese drama “Hirugao: Love Affairs in the Afternoon” and will tell the story of a married woman named Son Ji Eun whose ordinary life takes a turn when she meets someone living completely opposite life to hers after shifting to a new neighborhood.

Korean drama “Love Affairs In The Afternoon” is scheduled to release on July 5, 2019.

Here is the Teaser 1st~

Here is the Teaser 2nd~

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