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Korean Drama “The Sun’s Seasons” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

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“The Sun’s Season” (or “A Place In The Sun”) is a KBS2 drama series that released on 3 June, 2019 and it will be soon available to watch online on Viki.

A Place In The Sun Korean drama June 2019
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Kim Yoo Wool (Oh Chang Suk) has everything in his life. He has passed his CPA exam and is also in a relationship with Yoon Si Wol (Yoon So Yi). Kim Yoo Wool goes under a near death experience and his life turns upside down. Now he lives under the name of Oh Tae Yang. On the other side, Yoon Si Wol thinks that her boyfriend is dead. She meets Oh Tae Yang at Yangji Group, where she recently started working.


Melodrama, Romance, Mystery

Main Cast

Oh Chang Suk as Oh Tae Yang / Kim Yoo Wol
Choi Seung Hoon as Oh Tae Yang Oh / Kim Yoo Wol (young)
Yoon So Yi as Yoon Shi Wol
Uhm Chae Young as Yoon Shi Wol (young)
Choi Sung Jae as Choi Kwang Il
Ha Si Eun as Chae Duk Shil


Kdrama “The Sun’s Season’ will have a total of 100 episodes. (could be more)

Still Cuts (from trailers)

A place in the sun korean dramaChoi Sung Jae dramaYoon Soo Yi bride Korean dramaThe Sun's Season Oh Chung SukA place in the sun emotional kdramaEpisode scene


  1. Oh Chang Suk starred in Korean drama “Rich Man” (2018) before.
  2. Yoon So Yi starred in Korean drama “The Last Empress” (2018) before.
  3. Choi Sung Jae starred in Korean drama “Liver or Die” (2019) before.
  4. Ha Si Eun starred in Korean drama “Babel” (2019) before.


Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Trailer 3 (little preview)

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