Welcome 2 life rain and lim ji yeon new drama July 2019

Korean Drama “Welcome 2 Life” Confirms Main Cast

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Upcoming MBC’s legal fantasy Korean drama “Welcome 2 Life” (or “Living Two Lives Anyway”) has finally confirmed its main cast. The main roles of the drama goes to Rain (Sketch), Lim Ji Yeon (Blow Breeze) and Kwak Si Yang.

“Living Two Lives Anyway” is a story about a lawyer Lee Jae Sang (Rain) who has excellent skills but is mean in nature. Things takes turn in his life when an accident takes him into a parallel world.

Ra Si On (Lim Ji Yeon) is a detective and also ex-girlfriend of Lee Jae Sang, however in the parallel world Lee Jae Sang is a prosecutor and he is happily married to Ra Si On.

Kdrama “Welcome 2 Life” is expected to release near August, 2019.

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