Korean Drama “Abyss” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)


Abyss is a tvN drama series that released on 6 May, 2019 and is available to watch online on Netflix and soon on Viki.

Abyss TV series poster 2019


Abyss Korean drama is a story of a young and beautiful prosecutor Go Se-Yeon (Park Bo-young) and a man named Cha Min (Ahn Hyo-seop) who successor of a cosmetics company, is considered ugly in the society. One Day both of them gets into an accident, but comes back to life due to a magic pearl, as a result of which the prosecutor becomes a totally plain-looking girl and the ugly man a gorgeous flower boy.


Abyss is a Fantasy, Romance, Legal and Comedy genre drama.

Main Cast

Park Bo-young as Go Se Yun
Kim Sa Rang as Go Se Yun (before death)
Ahn Hyo-seop as Cha Min
Ahn Se Ha as Cha Min (before death)
Lee Sung Jae as Oh Young Chul


Kdrama Abyss will have a total of 16 episodes.

Still Cuts

park bo young new drama abyss still cutsAhn Hyo Seop abyss kdrama still cutsAbyss drama on netflixPark Bo Young abd Ahn Ye seop abyss drama


  1. The first script reading for the drama took place in February, 2019.
  2. Before Abyss ‘Park Bo Young’ starred in the Korean drama “Strong Girl Bong-soon” (2017).
  3. Before Abyss ‘Ahn Hyo Seop’ starred in the Korean drama “30 but 17” (2018).
  4. Before Abyss ‘Lee Sung Jae’ starred in the Korean drama “Goodbye to Goodbye” (2018).
  5. Before Abyss ‘Kim Sa Rang’ starred in the Korean drama “This is My Love” (2015).
  6. Before Abyss ‘Ahn Se Ha’ starred in the Korean drama “Spring Turns To Be Spring” (2019).
  7. Seo In Guk and Jung So Min made a cameo appearance in episode 1. They both have previously starred together in the drama “The Smile has left your eyes” (2018).


Trailer 1 (Go Se Yun Character Teaser)

Trailer 2 (Cha Min Character Teaser)

Trailer 3 (teaser)

Trailer 4 (Main)

Trailer 5 (Main)

6 Minute Highlight Video (Episode 1,2,3,… Preview)

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  1. I love tis drama. It is so well made. The actors are so natural. What is Park Bo Young doing after this? Also Ahn Hyo Seop? Please don’t wait another 2 years to see Bo Young again. Thank you.

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