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Korean Drama “The Secret Life Of My Secretary” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

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“The Secret Life Of My Secretary” or “I Loved You From The Beginning” (also called “Love At First Sight” and “How to Train My Blind Boss”) is an SBS series that released on 6 May, 2019 and is available to watch online on Viki.

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“The Secret Life Of My Secretary” Korean drama will tell an office romance story between a boss who don’t express much and a secretary who is obedient but hot-tempered. Do Min Yik (Kim Young-kwang) is a cold-blooded boss , who is the chief of a team at T&T Mobile Media. Jung Gal Hee (Jin Ki-joo) is the secretary of Do Min Yik.


Office Rom-Com drama

Main Cast

Kim Young-kwang as Do Min Ik
Jin Ki-joo as Jung Kal Hee
Koo Ja Sung as Ki Dae Joo
Kim Jae Kyung as Veronica Park


Drama “The Secret Life Of My Secretary” will have a total of 32 episodes.

Still Cuts (from trailers)

Kim Young Kwang I loved you from the beginning drama 2019I loved you from the begining Jin Ki Joo dramaKim Jae kyung drama The secret life of my secretaryThe secret life of my secretary drama Kim Young kwang and Jin Ki Joo


  1. Previously Kim Jae Kyung starred in Korean drama “Bad Papa” (2018).
  2. Previously Jin Ki Joo starred in Korean drama “Come and Hug Me” (2018).
  3. Previously Kim Young Kwang starred in Korean drama “Room No. 9” (2018).
  4. Previously  Koo Ja Sung starred in Korean drama “Misty” (2018).


Trailer 1 (character Do Min Ik)

Trailer 2 (character Jung Kal Hee)

Trailer 3 (teaser)

Trailer 4

Trailer 5 (second leads)

Trailer 6

Episode 1 (3 minute Preview)

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