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Korean Drama “Different Dreams” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

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“Different Dreams” (Yimong) is an MBC drama series that released on 4 May, 2019 and is available to watch online on Viki.

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Korean drama “Different dreams” will tell the story of a time when Korea was under Japanese rule. Lee Young-Jin (Lee Yo-won) a surgeon who was raised by Japanese parents, works for a secret society whose mission is Korean Independence. It becomes the provisional government of Korea.


Historical, Melodrama, Spy, Action, Medical drama

Main Cast

Lee Yo-won as Lee Young Jin
Yoo Ji-tae as Kim Won Bong
Lim Ju-hwan as Fukuda
Nam Gyu-ri as Miki


Kdrama “Different Dreams” will have a total of 40 episodes. (can be more)

Still Cuts (from trailers)

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  1. Different Dreams drama will have 4 episodes per day.
  2. Lee Young-ae was supposed to portray the role of Lee Young Jin but she withdrew due to schedule conflicts.
  3. Lee Yo Won and Nam Gyu Ri had previously starred together in the drama 49 Days.
  4. Lee Yo Won starred in the Korean drama “Avengers Social Club” (2017) before.
  5. Yoo Ji Tae starred in the Korean drama “Mad Dog” (2017) before.
  6. Lim Ju Hwan starred in the Korean drama “The Bride of Habaek” (2017) before.
  7. Nam Gyu Ri starred in the Korean drama “Children of Nobody” (2018) before.


Trailer 1 (teaser)

Trailer 2 (teaser)

Trailer 3

Episode 1 short clip

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