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Characters Trailers Are Out For Kdrama “WWW”

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“WWW” tvN’s upcoming drama starring Im Soo Jung (Chicago Typewriter) , Jang Ki Yong (Kill It), Lee Da Hee (The Beauty Inside) and Jeon Hye Jin as the main leads has dropped some character trailers.

The trailers are narrated by their respective characters. The first trailer stars Jang Ki Yong who is typing on a tablet. The second stars Im Soo Jung who is typing on a desktop keyboard. They both think and smiles in between. The last two stars Lee Da Hee and Jeon Hye Jin in which they look strong and successful.

“WWW” will tell the success stories of women in theirs 30’s who go above social norms against women to come on the top.

Bae Tae-Mi (Im Soo-Jung), an employee at a search engine website in her late 30’s.

Park Mo Geon (Jang Ki Yong) who is a CEO and producer of a company. He falls in love with Bae Tae-Mi.

Lee Da Hee will be playing the role of Cha Hyun who was earlier a Judo player and now a head manager of the No. 2 web portal Baro. And Jeon Hye Jin that of Song Ka Kyung.

The drama will release in June, 2019.

Here are the character trailers~


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