Let me hear your song kdrama july 2019

Upcoming Korean Drama “Let Me Hear Your Song” Confirms Its Main Cast

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We have a new thriller romance drama that is “Let Me Hear Your Song” coming our way. Recently KBS confirmed its main cast which includes Yeon Woo Jin (Priest), Kim Se Jung (School 2017), Park Ji Yeon and Song Jae Rim.

Let me hear your song kdrama 2019
1.Yeon Woo Jin  2.Kim Se Jung  3.Park Ji Yeon  4.Song Jae Rim

“Let Me Hear Your Song” Korean drama is a story about two people named Hong Yi Young (Kim Se Jung) and Jang Yoon (Yeon Woo Jin) who tries to solve a case of a murder. Hong Yi Young is a timpanist who once witnesses a murder. But due to her amnesia she don’t remember anything about it. One day she meets Jang Yoon, a pianist who upon knowing her situation, tries to help her.

Waao! a Korean drama with a combination of music, romance, thriller and mystery. I guess I’ll look for this one besides I always like Yeon Woo Jin dramas.

The drama “Let Me Hear Your Song” is expected to release around July, 2019.

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