Review : Reach of Sincerity (An Ordinary Escape for a Celebrity)


Touch your heart or Reach of Sincerity is a rom-com drama that showed how life gave an A-list actress an excuse to live an ordinary life and ultimately finding her love of life.

touch your heart office peopleyoo in na and lee dong wook

Oh Yun Seo a beautiful actress who is famous for her looks but ridiculed for her acting, loses her popularity due to being involved in a drug scandal. After some years she decides to work again in a legal drama. But the writer wants her to take an actual experience of a lawyer before acting in the drama. She ends up being the secretary of Lawyer Kwang Jung Rok for 3 months. They both then starts to like each other.

Reach of Sincerity comes out to be an average drama, that some would like and some would not.


The drama sparked at some times while it remained dull at other times. The story line was too simple and plain. We rarely see any ups and downs here. Not much of tense moments, but more of cute and comic elements. We get less of a drama here. But I cannot deny the fact that we have the cutest relationship and chemistry circling around the main leads. They both were so lovely to watch.

cute moments reach of sincerity drama review

Yoo In Na who played the role of Oh Yun Seo, really did a great job in carrying out her character. Oh Yun So is a celebrity but she is just like any other ordinary girl, trying to make her way through life. She is innocent, sweet but also strong and determined at the same time. You would love to see her in the drama.

yoo in na cute touch your heart

Kwon Jung Ruk played by Lee Dong Wook was such an unbelievable character for me.

At first he was as cold as ice but love melted him so fast.

Well! they say love changes all and here it was no exception. ❤ After he became Oh Yun Seo’s boyfriend, Kwon Jung Ruk’s character developed to a point where it made him a boyfriend that every girl would want.

lee dong wook in touch your heart

Since the main leads never dated before, we were able to feel the innocence in their relationship. That is actually the main highlight in the drama ‘Touch Your Heart’. The cute and sweet moments between them is actually why you need to see the drama. I would recommend the drama only because of that.


Besides the main leads the other cast especially Choi Yun Hyuk and Dan Moon Hee were my favorite. Their dramatic characters were enjoyable to watch and surely they left an impression on me.

second leads in office touch your heart

So Touch Your Heart comes out to be a light watch, with cute elements which could warm your heart for sure. But you cannot expect more than this.

review touch your heart

My ratings 6.5/10

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