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Kdrama “Welcome To Waikiki S2” First Impression (How I Felt)

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Welcome to Waikiki 2 or Laughter in Waikiki 2 is an extension to the first season with the same name. It is a comedy series where 3 men {Lee Joon-Ki (Lee Yi-kyung), Cha Woo-Sik (Kim Seon-ho) Kook Ki-Bong (Shin Hyun-soo)} and 3 women {Han Soo-Yeon (Moon Ga-young), Kim Jung-Eun (Ahn So-hee) and Cha Yoo-Ri (Kim Ye Won)} live in the Waikiki guest house. Right now the Waikiki guest house is going bankrupt and the drama continuous with their struggles to have a good life and to make Waikiki better, along with the hilarious moments between the people with opposite personalities.

Why I Started Watching “Season 2 of Welcome to Waikiki”?

Well! without any doubt, because season 1 was awesome! and hilarious! and it made me laugh! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ And my favourite character from season 1 Lee Joon-Ki is also here. So I’m here for everything. ๐Ÿ˜‰

How I Felt When I First Watched โ€œWelcome to Waikiki S2โ€? (First Impression + Episode 1 Recap)

The drama starts at intergalactic space. We see a meteorite shower coming close to earth. The sound effect in the background gets heavy. (and I’m here thinking “Wait! Wait! it’s a comedy series right! Not a sci-fi :O Oooooh! it looks interesting in the few seconds.)

action scene waikiki 2

Then we are at some beach and we see someone with blonde hair and in yellow dress entering in the church. He has a mask on his face and a sword in his hand. He fights with some men. (Wait! Wait! isn’t that seen like in the Kill Bill movie. Yeah pretty much like that. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Ultimately he wins and a man shouts


And the man gets up with his face still covered with his blonde hairs (Omo! Lee Jun Ki just show yourself! I know it’s you. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and then he waves his hairs in the air and after a serious look he says Ta-Da! (And our Joon Ki is back. :* )

Lee Yi Kyung Waikiki 2

The director shouts that the scene is over and asks to bring the main lead. (Ah! So this time Lee Joon Ki is a stunt double!) Then he gets a call! He gets serious after attending the call and says

What! Darn It! (rushing out in his costume)

Lee Joon Ki

The scene changes and we see a man playing guitar on the stage. At first it looks like he is really famous but later when he addresses the audience, we see that he is singing to some old people who are half asleep. (LOLz ๐Ÿ˜€ ) Then he gets a call which makes him serious and he says

What! Darn It! (rushing out)

Cha Woo Sik played by Kim Seon Waikiki 2

The scene changes and now we are at a baseball stadium. Kook Ki Bong who was daydreaming about winning a baseball championship gets scolded by his coach. He then gets a call and says

What! Darn It! (rushing out with a tire at his back)

Kook Ki Bong Waikiki 2

The scene changes and we are at Waikiki Guest House now (Wow! it looks like the guest house has been upgraded), a lady is showing the guest house to a man. Jung Eun gets worried and thinks that why the boys are not coming.

Jung Eun Waikiki 2

The landlady tells him that everyone who lived here made a fortune, some became journalist, some became the CEO of a shopping mall to patisserie. (Oh!! here she is telling about the season 1 characters. There are also pictures of them hanging on the wall in the guest house. Ahh! feeling nostalgic already) Suddenly all three Lee Joon Ki, Cha Woo Sik and Kook Ki Bong comes running in the house.

Waikiki funny scenelandlady in waikiki 2

The man gets scared of their weird looks and goes out immediately. The landlady gives them one last warning to pay the rent within a week.

The all sigh and thinks where should they get money. Joon Ki talks about him being a talented actor and feels sad about how he ended up just being a replacement. Jung Eun teases him and says that is why he got dumped. Joon Ki gets tensed and says

I told you not to talk about chewbecca, I mean Seo Jin (from season 1). It was a mutual breakup between us. (aww! they broke up so sad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )

Chewbecca scene waikiki 2

But she runs away teasing him again. Joon Ki throws his sword (from the movie, as he was still in costume) at her. All of them then sees news about meteorite shower that is going to happen tonight. Ki Bong asks that who is a meteorite, is he an actor, or a singer. No a soccer player. (Haha poor Ki Bong!)

Ki Bong and Woo Shik

They all gather at the rooftop to see the meteorite shower. Joon Ki says that something good will happen and their life cannot be worse than this and now they will only go up. As they were enjoying the meteorite shower, they notice one of them coming close to their house.

Waikiki 2 male leads

And ultimately out of all the houses nearby, the meteorite hits the Waikiki guest house, causing a hole in the ceiling and a crack on the floor. (Haha! just before that Joon Ki was saying that nothing can be more worse now.)

ep 1 laughter in waikiki

Next day Woo Shik worries that what will happen if the landlady finds out about it. Joon Ki says that he’ll take care of it.


He covers the crack on the floor with a bean bag (lolz). Ki Bong brings a box which has some old stuff of them that can be sold at a good amount. Then they go upstairs to cover the ceiling hole with a sofa, but Joon Ki’s leg gets stuck in the hole.

Suddenly the landlady comes in looking for her lost earring. Woo Shik runs downstairs and tries to cover her from seeing the Joon Ki’s leg coming out of the ceiling hole. The landlady was about to look up as she heard a strange sound that suddenly Woo Shik grabs her and hugs her, telling that he loves her.

Woo Shik and Landlady

At first the landlady denies but later she agrees to date him. Joon Ki and Ki Bong gets shocked and asks him that what he is going to do now. Joon Ki further says that it is good opportunity as the landlady will not ask for rent for a while. Woo Shik says that he don’t want to deceive her. Joon Ki says that then he should date her for real as she is rich and old. Woo Shik gets angry and throws a pillow on him saying that it doesn’t makes sense. ( ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ )


Jung Eun comes back from work. She sees a yearbook lying in the box that Ki Bong brought. She points about a girl who was surrounded by boys. Both Joon Ki and Ki Bong tells her that she is their first love. She was rich, beautiful and had a feisty personality. They tried their luck to get her, but failed.

Soo Yeon Waikiki 2

Then Joon Ki gets a call from director. He needs to do an action scene and also needs an extra for the role. He asks Ki Bong for it, he agrees.

The scene changes and a man is explaining the scene to them. He asks Ki Bong to die with his eyes opened as soon as the cops hit him by the rod and Joon Ki to die as soon as he takes the fire extinguisher. (He is having some short-term memory loss problem, as he keeps repeating himself after a while. This was really funny.)

Then the scene starts and Ki Bong plays dead after getting hit as told. Joon Ki tries to open the fire extinguisher but ends up opening it on his eyes. He loses his balance and the fire extinguisher blows on Ki Bong eyes, who was playing dead with his eyes open ( ๐Ÿ˜€ ) Both of them ends up burning their eyes and they lie alone blind on the set (The set is in a jungle I guess) as that man who was having some memory problem forgets about them. Both of them gets scared as their eyes were still not able to open.

funny moment

Woo Shik dating

There Woo Shik is having his first date with the landlady. He thinks he should tell the truth to her. Meanwhile the landlady attends a phone call in which she scolds someone for lying to her. She then tells Woo Shik that she hates people who lies and asks about what he was trying to say earlier. Woo Shik all scared and trembling rests his head on her shoulders and says he just want this moment to stop. (Hahaha It was so funny.)

totally funny scene in waikiki season 2

After their date Woo Shik thinks again of telling her the truth. Suddenly the landlady’s two sons come. They are huge and big and they tells their mother to be careful in relationship this time. And they would not leave if someone lies to her. Woo Shik gets scared and he sweats a lot. Again he rests his head on her shoulder and says he don’t want to go home. ( ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ )

laughter scene

There, blind Ki Bong and Joon Ki tries to make their way through jungle with the help of sticks. Suddenly Ki Bong feels the need to poop. Without being able to see anything he ends up pooping in front of some girls who were camping there. Upon hearing their shouts, he cries hard.

Shin Hyun Soo funny laughter

The scene changes and Jung Eun is treating their eyes and asks about Woo Shik. (Woo Shik was on a date in the amusement park with the landlady and her sons. Poor Woo Shik ๐Ÿ˜€ )

After Woo Shik comes home he gets a call by his old friend to sing at a wedding as a replacement. He gets happy for the offer. But later he finds out that he has to sing in the wedding of Soo Yeon, his first love. He immediately denies, but as his friend was offering good money he agrees on one condition.

episode 1 Laughter in waikiki

There Ki Bong and Joon Ki hear a news that someone sold 50g meteorite that fell in their greenhouse with 500, 000 dollars. Joon Ki gets excited as they too had a meteorite in the house. Both decides to sell it. They go on Rebecca (remember Rebecca the red car with feelings from season 1. Ahh! all the old memories related to car came back.)

Rebecca the red car in Waikiki

Both of them discusses about how much money they can get from the meteorite. But after some time they end up in a fight over who is going to get the money. They reach the coffee shop, still fighting over meteorite. Suddenly Ki Bong sees a video presentation which was showing the wedding pictures of Soo Yeon. Both of them then goes to the hall where Soo Yeon was cutting the wedding cake.

Soo Yeon wedding in waikiki

Then a man with his face covered with a mask (he is Woo Shik) enters in and sings a song. (We see that Woo Shik promised Soo Yeon in school that he would sing her favourite song for her one day, but he ended up singing it on her wedding. Awww!)

mask singerSoo Yun and Woo Shik love

After the song Woo Shik sees Joon Ki and Ki Bong in the hall and asks them what they are doing here. Suddenly a man comes in the wedding hall and says to Soo Yeon’s father that they have gone bankrupt and they need to run right now. Things get haphazard as the debit collectors comes running in the marriage hall. Joon Ki and Ki Bong gets pushed down and they loses their meteorite.

waikiki 2 ep 1 recap

They go back to their house in Rebecca. Joon Ki still angry at losing his 2 million dollar meteorite. Suddenly they hears a sound coming from Rebecca car’s trunk. Woo Shik checks it and as soon as he open the car’s trunk, he gets bewildered and immediately closes it. Joon Ki and Ki Bong comes in asking about it. They open the trunk again and takes a step back and gets shocked. Seo yun was lying in the trunk. (LOLZ They might have lost their 2 million dollar meteorite but they got their first love and that to in a wedding dress. Waaahh!)

bride in drama waikiki funny moment

โค The End โค

Would I recommend the Kdrama โ€œWelcome to Waikiki S2โ€ based on the episode 1? (Premiere Review)

I really enjoyed the first episode. The new cast is doing excellent job. I’m totally loving them. The drama’s first episode has surely shown what it has to offer throughout this season. I got to see a hilarious comedy with the touch of action and sci-fi and a hint of romance. Well! as expected after seeing the season 1. The story line also looks promising to me. Above all I really liked the cinematography and direction this time.

I believe the drama is going to be a fun ride and anyone looking for comedy drama, has to come here.

What about you? Have you watched the ep 1 of Eulachacha Waikiki Season 2 yet? If yes, then what are your thoughts about it? Or are you still planning to watch it? Do let me know everything in comments! I love having Kdrama talks.

Anneyeong ๐Ÿ™‚ โค



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