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Korean drama “Special Labor Inspector Jo” releases 2 new teasers

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Upcoming Korean action comedy drama “Special Labor Inspector Jo” releases two new teasers. The main cast of the drama have Kim Dong Wook, Park Se Young, Kim Kyung Nam and Ryu Duk Hwan.

In the first teaser we are introduced by the characters of the drama which was in black and white colour and in the second we see some action and comedy going on in the drama.

special labour inspector jo 2019

“Special Labor Inspector Jo Jang-Poong” is a story about a judo athlete Jo Jin-Gab (Kim Dong-Wook) who while fighting against corruption in sports was expelled from his field. He then becomes a gym teacher but soon loses that job due to his short temper against the school’s chairman’s son. In order to live a stable life he then becomes a public officer where he was transferred to work as a labor inspector at the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

The drama will release on 8 April, 2019.

Here are the teasers~