Nam De Reum first drama 2019

2 More Teasers Released For Korean Drama “Beautiful World”


Upcoming JTBC drama “Beautiful World” has released two more teaser trailers prior to its releasing date.

The first teaser shows the struggle of Park Sun-ho (played by Nam Da-reum) in school, where he constantly faces bullies. His parents are worried and clueless about things happening with him.

Nam De reum drama beautiful world

The second teaser is very emotional. Park Sun Ho is lying in hospital in severe condition . His mother is by his side crying and remembering the day he was born till the day he went high school.

beautiful world korean drama

“Beautiful World” will tell the story of Park Sun Ho (Nam Da-reum) who is in his final year of middle school. He faces school violence which leaves him on a cliff between life and death. Park Soo Ho (Kim Hwan-hee) is Park Sun Ho’s sister. They both study in the same school. She tries to help Park Sun Ho regarding the violence in school.

The drama will release on 5 April, 2019.

Here are the two teasers~

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