Korean Drama “Doctor Prisoner” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)

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“Doctor Prisoner” released on 20 March, 2019 and is available to watch online on Viki.

Doctor Prisoner poster



Kdrama “Doctor prisoner” will tell the story of a doctor called Nah Yi Jae (Nam Goong Min) who was excellent in his job, yet due to some unfortunate incidents he was forced to leave his job. He then decides to take revenge on the hospital, while currently working at a prison’s medical department.


Medical, Suspense, Crime

Main Cast

Nam Goong Min as Na Yi Je
Kwon Nara as Han So Geum (A psychiatrist who works at Taegang Hospital and volunteers in prison.)
Kim Byung-chul as Sun Min Shik (A medical director who works at the prison.)

Choi Won Young as Lee Jae Joon (Primary successor to major conglomerate Taegang Group.)


The drama “Doctor Prisoner” will have a total of 40 episodes.

Still Cuts (from trailer and Official Site)

Nam Gong Mindoctor prisonerkwon nara drama doctor prisoner


  1. The first script reading took place in January, 2019.
  2. Nam Goong Min previously starred in Korean drama “The Undateables” (2018).
  3. Kwon Nara previously starred in drama “Your Honor” and “My Mister” in 2018.
  4. Kim Byung Chul previously starred in “Sky Castle“, “Live“, “Return“, and “Mr. Sunshine” in 2018.
  5. Choi Won Young previously starred in “Where Stars Land” and “Sky Castle” in 2018.


Trailer 1 (teaser)





Trailer 2



Episode 1 Preview

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