kiss scene touch your heart

Kdrama “Touch Your Heart” First Impression (How I Felt)


(!Caution! I’m going to reveal my dark secrets of Korean dramas throughout this ‘How I felt’ edition of the website.)

Touch your heart is a romantic story between a lawyer called Kwon Jung-Rok (Lee Dong Wook) and a washed up actress Oh Yoon-Seo (Yoo In Na) who was once the heart of Asia. She lost her popularity due to a scandal.

Kwon Jung-Rok is of very cold personality and he didn’t like Oh Yoon-Seo at first. But slowly when he sees how good of a person she is, both of them end up in a secret romance. All of this began at Kwon Jung-Rok’s law firm, where Oh Yoon-Seo is working as his secretary. She is doing it so that she can get the role of a lawyer’s secretary in a drama. As Oh Yoon-Seo is more famous for her looks than acting.

Why I Started watching “Touch Your Heart”?

Well! not because I saw them in “Goblin”, as I haven’t yet watched the hit Korean drama “Goblin”. (I know, I know this is shocking. But I had reasons :D. I thought the drama would be sad and I was not ready for such a drama at that time. But I’ll make sure to watch it in the future. I promise. It is there, in my drama watch list. πŸ€— )

Ok now! so why I’m watching it. The reason is popularity. I saw that the drama is receiving good reviews. Although I haven’t seen the main leads’ chemistry in “Goblin”, but the trailers of Touch your heart were really touching my heart. So here I am 😊 πŸ˜‰

How I Felt When I First Watched “Touch Your heart”? (First Impression + Episode 1 Recap)

touch your heart Joong suk

The drama starts by showing us a glimpse of Seoul and in the crowd we see Kwon Jung-Rok (Lee Dong Wook) going to work. And a Michael BublΓ© song “I just haven’t met you yet” playing in the background. (I guess our main lead has not yet met his soul mate. He is absolutely single. πŸ€” ) And while going for work Jung Rok passes through a big car (Don’t know the name, Sorry not good with cars. πŸ˜… ) which turns out to be that of a celebrity who was recently in a scandal. As soon as she (There! there! our beautiful Yoo In Na 🀩 ❀ ) gets out, she gets swarmed by reporters all over. Yoo In Na Celebrity

She is asked whether she admits the drug allegations against her? What is her relationship with the second son of Jeguk group? Do you plead innocent? Yun Seo remains silent. And the Michael Bublé song stops in the background after the tone gets a bit serious. 😯

Touch your heart ep 1

The scene changes and we are at a variety show where the MC’s are discussing about Oh Yun Seo and telling the public how unpopular of a celebrity she is after the scandal and that she is rethinking of coming back in the entertainment industry. Yun Seo is also watching the show. She is taking some 10-15 pills in her hand. She was about to take them that suddenly a man comes shouting in and stopping her immediately.

funny scene

He tells her that no matter how much depressed she is after the scandal, she must not end her life. Yun Seo corrects him by telling that she is only taking vitamins. He then asks why is she taking so many. Yun Seo says that the bottle says take 30 pills. The man corrects her and says that she is so naive, it is the total number of pills inside the bottle and she only needs to take 1 pill in 1 day. (Haha! I guess our female lead is really naive. πŸ˜‚)tyh.png

Then they both talk about the new headshot offer Yun Seo got. She feels sad as no one was giving her real work. Suddenly she sees a script titled “Love Hurt” lying on the table. She gets excited and asks the man if this was a surprise for her. He tells her that it is not for her. She snatches the script and runs away and locks herself in the bathroom. The man comes running after her. She then sits on the toilet seat and gets curious on reading the name of the writer. She then starts reading the script.touch y

Yun Seo enjoys a lot while reading it and imagines herself acting in the drama. (Oh! we get to see a cameo of “Descendants of the sun” here but I haven’t watched this drama yet. I know! I know another hit drama I haven’t watched. So this is also one of my dark secrets of Korean dramas. I never told anyone. 🀫 ) (We see a cameo appearance of Jang Ki Yong as well, in this scene. And man! he is so handsome. 🀯)


Yun Seo looks convinced and she goes to the man (Turns out he is her cousin Hyuk Joon) and tells that she got goosebumps while reading the script. And also that the female lead is relatable to her. He asks how isΒ  she relatable. To which Yun Seo answers

“The female lead is pure and innocent just like me. And also she is a lawyer, and I did majors in law.

Yoo In Na Touch your heart

Hyuk Joo says no and that the script is for Kim Min Ji. Yun Seo gets angry. He then tells her that nothing has been confirmed. As the drama is of low-budget and it doesn’t look promising. Yun Seo thinks that is her chance and she immediately calls the writer asking for the role. There Oh Yun Seo tries to convince the writer as she is not willing to take her due to her scandal and bad acting. She keeps a condition that if Yun Seo get field experience at an actual lawyer firm for 3 months she would get the role.


The scene changes and Yun Seo says a complete no to the manager for the condition. Both Hyuk Joon and the manager tries to convince her telling that this might be her last chance and she would get this kind of role after 2 years. This scares Yun Seo and she says that she will do it with a heavy heart. Angry Yoo In na

Mr. Yeon then calls the representative attorney, Yeon Joon Gyu of Always law firm. At first he denies and says that a law firm is not an acting school. But as soon as he hears that Yun Seo is coming, he immediately approves. (He seems to be a big fan of her.)

Then Joon Gyu goes here and there in the firm with excitement to find the perfect working partner for Oh Yeon Seo. He first goes to the Dan Moon Hee’s office. He finds that Moon hee is too timid and she would not be much help to Yun Seo. Dan Moon Hee

Then he goes to Choi Yun Hyuk’s office. There he finds that Yun Hyuk is flirting with his own client and also he is a mama’s boy. So he was a complete no. Yun Hyuk

Then Joon Gyu goes to Kwon Jung Rok and there he made sure that he would be the one. (Ahhh! Destiny! Love always find its way. 😍 πŸ’˜ )

Kwon Jung Rok

The scene changes and Kwon Jung Rok immediately denies that he would work with Yeon Seo as she has no experience in the field. Joon Gyu tries to convince Jung Rok a lot but nothing

Joon Gyu then tries to remind Kwon Jung Rok something about 5 years ago. This makes Jung Rok upset and he asks him to never bring it up again. Joon Gyu says he would keep talking until Yun Seo comes to work. (And I guess he was convinced. πŸ™‚ β˜‘οΈ )

Jung rok by lee dong wook

The scene changes and we see the goddess of Asia deciding what to wear for the first day of her work. Her cousin worries about her that she won’t be able to do it alone. She convince him that she is not a kid anymore and can do it alone. (Waao! I loved her spirit. Fighting! πŸ™‚ ✊)

Oh Yun Seo cute

Now we are at the Always law firm. Joon Gyu is all ready to welcome his favourite star Yun Seo. He dresses in coat, brings a rose bouquet for her and tells everyone in the office not to get too much excited because a celebrity is coming here. (Hahaha! and see who is excited more. 🀣)

And now Oh Yun Seo enters the office. She looks stunning with a sexy dress and glasses on. Everybody in the office gets shocked to see her. Everybody gave her a warm welcome. Then she asks what should she do. (I liked that she asked for work immediately, I mean she is really serious towards her job besides being temporary.)

rocking yun seo touch yoyr heart

She then goes to the Kwon Jung Rok’s office. Their Jung Rok gets shocked to see her. (Haha Look at his expressions. The drama is getting fun now. 🀭)

funny jung rok

She extends her hand for a handshake, but Jung Rok just nods and continues doing his work. She gets a little surprised and asks if he knows who she is. Jung Rok remains unanswered. She then says she had done an ad for this laptop. (pointing at Jung Rok’s table) She performs her complete advertisement of Samsung Laptop in front of him, but he still don’t recognize her. touch your heart laptop ad scene

She then goes to the sofa and tells that she had even advertised for this sofa. Again she performs her complete advertisement of the Acemiss sofa, Jung Rok still don’t recognize her. touch your heart sofa ad scene

She gets angry and shouts loudly

Don’t you dare ignore me. ( 😑 )

Yoo In Na as Oh Yun seo

Kwon Jung Rok gets shocked and looks at her only to realize that she is performing another advertisement of mineral water. Jung Rok totally bewildered kept looking at her and asks her when she is going to stop. (Hahaha I died laughing πŸ˜‚ )

She then says that she is surprised that someone in Korea don’t know her. Jung Ruk again ignoring her tells her that if she wants to keep working with him then she needs to follow some rules. First she should not be late and second she should complete her work within the working hours and last she should only be working as a secretary. first episode

Yun Seo gets confused, to which Jung Ruk responds that he knows that after her scandal she was not able to get a proper job and she used some connections to get a job at law firm. Yun Seo agrees and asks what she should do then. (This girl has a lot of patience, even after seeing Jung Rok’s cold attitude she remains calm. I liked that. 😍) Jung Rok asks if she has any knowledge about law. Yun Seo says no. Then he asks if she can attend calls. Yun Seo says that off course she does this all day. Jung Ruk then tells her that she just need to transfer all the calls to his office. Yun Seo replies that she is a professional at that no need to worry.

office scene touch yor heart

She then goes to her little office and thinks to herself that Jung Rok is a bit cold. She then look around her desk and feels happy at the first day of her work. She sends a selfie to her manager and a message saying she is ready to work as secretary. (I‘m loving her spirit. ❀ )

Yoo In na selfie

Then she gets a call. She cheerfully answers it. The client wants to talk to Jung Rok. She gets a little confused and calls Jung Rok. Yun Seo gives him signals from the office by showing the phone that he had a call. Jung Rok asks what is she doing. She tells him that he has a call and also that the phone line is too short and she could not take it to him. (Died laughing haha! , she was supposed to forward the call not the phone. LOL 🀣 ☎️ )

touch your heart funny phone scene

Jung Ruk all pissed off comes to her cabinet and answers the call. Yun Seo says that he need a bigger phone line. (Omo! Yun Seo please stop, my stomach is hurting. The drama keeps getting funnier. Poor Jung Rok! 😝 ) Jung Ruk says that from now on he will answer the calls himself. After some time Jung Rok comes and asks Yun Seo to photocopy some papers. But the papers slips from her hand. She tries to pick them up, but remains uncomfortable due to her short dress. She tries to cover her cleavage and asks Jung Rok to look away so that she can pick them up. (LOLz it her first day πŸ˜„) Jung Rok again pissed of picks them himself. Yun Seo asks him that what should she do then. Jung Ruk replies

Just relax at the office.

Then its lunch time. The staff members asks her to go out for the lunch, but Yun Seo decides to wait for Jung Ruk and says that since its her first day with Mr. Jung Rok, she will eat with him.

But Jung Rok says that he has work and she can eat alone. Yun Seo says she can’t eat alone, nor she can go to the crowded places. Jung Ruk says it’s no big deal he also eats alone everyday and she can order the food. He leaves her alone. (Lawyer Jung Rok this is too much now. πŸ˜‘)

beautiful Yoo In na

When Jung Rok was outside he sees a sushi restaurant and thinks of Yun Seo saying that she can’t go to public places to eat. So he takes some lunch for her. (Aww! he is not that cold. 🀨 πŸ£Β πŸ˜ƒ ) But when he comes back he sees that Yun Seo is busy chit chatting with the employees rather than working. touch your heart other cast

He again gets angry and tells everyone to go back to their work. Yun Seo asks Jung Ruk that what work she should do in the afternoon. Jung Ruk says angrily

Just kill time and go. Go talk with the people who like you but don’t do it in my office.

Yun Seo totally losing her patience now, goes to him and asks why is he doing this to her. She waited for him to eat with, but he didn’t even cared and he should be sorry instead.

fight scene

Jung Ruk losing his patience spills it all out. He says that this is workplace not her fun place. And she needs to get hold of herself. Yun Seo angrily says that she didn’t come here for fun. Jung ruk replies back that if that is so then why did she come dressed like that. She tells him not to judge by the outside. Jung Rok replies back that at least she should have come early. Yun Seo totally pissed of goes to the washroom and


screams to the top of her lungs. (Ohh I want to do this too! It was so cool. πŸ™‚ May be I’ll do it when no one will be around, lolz πŸ˜‰).Yoo In Na scream in touch your heart

Still not able to calm down she goes again to Jung Rok and tries to talk to him. Jung Rok again goes away ignoring her.

The scene changes, Yun Seo is done with her first day. (Oh! what a hard it was for her. haha 😁) She keeps complaining about Jung Rok to her cousin. Her cousin comforts her by saying that he must hate women. She even thinks of quitting, but when she goes home. She sees herself acting in one of her drama and thinks of her successful time as an actor and cries a lot.

Next day she wakes up a bit late as she was studying all night about her job through internet. (Hmm! So Jung Rok’s scolding proved to be beneficial. Haha πŸ˜€ No! No! actually she is very determined. 😎) She reaches office earlier than Jung Rok and learns to forward calls and photocopying. (Fighting!)


Jung Rok comes to the office. Yun Seo says he is late today. He answers that he was in a meeting. She then sets her shirt teasing Jung Rok that she dressed well today. Jung Rok says that she looks neat and tidy today. She gets happy.happy

She even tidied up his office and says that a clean desk improves productivity. Jung Ruk finds that one his file is missing. Yun Seo feels sorry and says that she will immediately find it. Jung Rok gets angry and scolds her telling that she should not have touched his desk in the first place and that she should have just relaxed as he told her to do. Yun seo says that she is trying her best here and willing to learn, he should not be so mean. Jung Ruk tells her to leave.

scolding Lee Dong Wook

Yun Seo gets angry and asks if he hates women. Jung Ruk a little perplexed gradually comes closer to her and replies

I’m sorry I didn’t meet your expectations. I like women. I like them a lot. I really do. It’s just that I’m not at all interested in you particularly.

kiss scene touch your heart


❀ The end ❀

Would I recommend the Kdrama “Touch Your heart” based on the first episode?

Hmm! it’s a yes and no at the same time. I enjoyed watching it but the story looked quite ordinary to me. I liked how female lead is not what someone would predict a celebrity to be. Her determination and positive attitude makes her a great character.

It’s a rom-com and till now the first episode only showed the comedy part. So may be that is why I might be lacking interest. Well! the romance part always takes time to progress. But usually Korean dramas makes us feel the chemistry in the first episode, here is not the case. At some point I found that the romance is just few episodes away. Both Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In na looks good together. So I guess the drama would do good in the future. I also liked the supporting cast. They all are very entertaining.

So it seems to be a light watch so a rom-com fan must give it a try.

Would you like to tell me your thoughts about the drama? Or you are thinking of watching it. Do let me know everything in comments! I love having Kdrama talks!

Anneyeong πŸ™‚ ❀

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  1. Well , since you wrote a really long post…i have to really long comment!!
    also I haven’t watched Goblin because I thought it was too sad ..
    But the leads here are so sweet and adorable

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