Korean Drama “Designated Survivor” Confirms Its Cast

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Upcoming Korean drama “Designated Survivor” which is a remake of American political thriller drama television series confirms its main cast. The drama will have Ji Jin-hee as the main lead. He will be followed by Lee Joon Huk, Kim Gyu Ri, Sukku Son and Heo Joon Ho. While Kang Han Na and Choi Yoon Young are still in the talks.

“Designated Survivor” story goes like this. A bomb explosion results in the death of many high-ranking government officials along with the president. Then a minister Park Moo-Jin is given the job to run the country for 60 days. He unwillingly does it, but comes out as a good leader and also tries to find the people behind the explosion.

The drama is expected to release in the first half of 2019 and will be directed by Yoo Jong-Sun.


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