Korean Drama Different dreams 2019

Kdrama “Different Dreams” releases new trailer


I guess another great drama is on the way. Upcoming historical “Different Dreams” (or Lee Mong) has released its second teaser trailer and it is filled with action and thriller and laced with the history of two countries. The teaser shows the power of Japan and the struggles of a secret society in Korea for independence.

Korean Drama Different dreams 2019Different dreams 2019Upcoming historical drama 2019korean drama update for may

“Different dreams” or “Lee Mong” will tell the story of a time when Korea was under Japanese rule. Lee Young-Jin (Lee Yo-Won) a surgeon who was raised by Japanese parents, works for a secret society whose mission is Korean Independence. It becomes the provisional government of Korea (a partially recognized Korean government-in-exile, based in Shanghai, China, and later in Chungking, during the Japanese colonial rule of Korea. Wikipedia).

Korean drama “Different Dreams” is expected to release in May, 2019.

Here is the Trailer~


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