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Korean Drama “Possessed” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview)


“Possessed” (or “Possession”) released on 6 March, 2019 and is available to watch online on Netflix.

Possessed 2019 Poster


Kdrama “Possessed” will tell the story of detective Kang Pil-Sung (Song Sae-byeok) who is having a good sixth sense and a woman named Hong Seo-Jung (Go Joon-hee) who is a psychic medium. They both live a lonely life. One day Kang Pil-Sung discovers Hong Seo-Jung’s special abilities and they both decide to use their abilities to solve various investigation cases.


Horror, Comedy, Investigation

Main Cast

Song Sae-byeok as Kang Pil Sung
Go Joon-hee as Hong Seo Jung
Yeon Jung-hoon as Oh Soo Hyuk
Jo Han-sun as Seon Yang Woo


The drama “Possessed” will have a total of 16 episodes.

Still Cuts

go joon hee drama possessed

go joon hee and song sae byeok drama

possessed kdrama 2019

horror kdrama possessed

song sae byeok possessed korean drama

scary go joon hee

spiritual kdrama possessed

posssessed korean drama 2019


  1. Song Sae Byeok previously starred in Korean dramas “My Mister” (2018) and Real Culprit (2018).
  2. Go Joon Hee previously starred in Korean drama “Untouchable” (2017).
  3. Yeon Jung Hoon previously starred in drama “Bravo My Life” (2017).
  4. Jo Han Sun previously starred in drama Mask (2015).


Trailer 1 (Teaser)





Trailer 2 (Teaser)




Trailer 3


Episode 1 Preview



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