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Korean Drama “My Fellow Citizens” Releases First Teaser Trailer

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Upcoming KBS drama “My Fellow Citizens” (or Dear Citizens) released first teaser and it looks like the drama is going to be so much fun. In the teaser we see the bold and tough police officer avatar of Lee Yoo-Young and a clever con man avatar of Choi Siwon. They both are married. However they both have hidden their true identity from each other. Hmm! looks like there is going to be a lot of comedy in here.

lee yo young drama my fellow citizenschoi siwon drama my fellow citizenskorean drama my fellow citizens 2019

Korean drama ‘My Fellow Citizens’ is a comedy cum crime drama in which a con man Yang Jung Kook marries the police officer Kim Mi Young and he somehow end up running for an assembly seat. Choi Siwon will play the role of a con man. Lee Yoo Young will be the police officer and Kim Min Jung plays the role of a woman who will help Yang Jung Kook for the assembly seat.

The kdrama “My Fellow Citizens” will release on 25 March, 2019 after the ongoing Korean drama “My Lawyer, Mr. Joe 2“.

Here is the teaser link~

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