The Fiery Priest Kdrama February 2019

Korean drama “The Fiery Priest” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview )


“The Fiery Priest” (or “Hot Blooded Priest”) released on 15 February, 2019 and is available online on Viki.

The Fiery Pries poster


Korean drama “The Fiery Priest” will tell the story of three people (Kim Nam-gil, Kim Sung-kyun and Lee Hanee) who join hands to find the killer of a priest. The three people are a priest, a police officer and a prosecutor.


Crime, Comedy, Action

Main Cast

Kim Nam-gil as Kim Hae Il
Kim Sung-kyun as Goo Dae Young
Lee Hanee as Park Kyung Sun
Go Joon as Hwang Jung Bum
Geum Sae Rok as Seo Seung Ah


Kdrama “The Fiery Priest” will have a total of 40 episodes.

Still Cuts

Kim Nam Gil the fiery priest kdramaKim Sung-kyun the fiery priest korean dramaLee Hanee korean drama the fiery priest


  1. Kim Nam Gil previously starred in Korean drama Live Up to Your Name (2017).
  2. Kim Sung Kyun previously starred in the drama Untouchable (2017).
  3. Lee Hanee previously starred in The Rebel (2017).
  4. Kim Nam Gil and Lee Hanee previously worked together in the drama Shark (2013).
  5. The first script reading of the drama “The Fiery Priest” took place on October 26, 2018.


Teaser 1

Teaser Trailer 2

Trailer 3

Trailer 4

Trailer 5 (characters and preview)

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