Korean Drama “Different Dreams” Confirms Its Cast

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MBC’s upcoming historical spy drama called “Different Dreams” (or “Lee Mong”) has finally confirmed its cast with Lee Yo-Won (Avengers Social Club) and Yoo Ji-Tae (Healer) as the main leads. Lim Ju-Hwan and Nam Gyu-Ri will also be starring along with them. Recently SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong has also confirmed to star in the drama.

Korean drama Lee Mong 2019
1. Lee Yo-won 2. Yoo Ji-Tae 3. Lim Ju-Hwan 4. Nam Gyu-Ri

“Different dreams” or “Lee Mong” will tell the story of a time when Korea was under Japanese rule. Lee Young-Jin (Lee Yo-Won) a surgeon who was raised by Japanese parents, works for a secret society whose mission is Korean Independence. It becomes the provisional government of Korea (a partially recognized Korean government-in-exile, based in Shanghai, China, and later in Chungking, during the Japanese colonial rule of Korea. Wikipedia).

Update : Kdrama “Different Dreams” releases new trailer

Kdrama “Lee Mong” will release in May 2019.

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