Love You in Sadness Kdrama February 2019

Korean drama “Love In Sadness” Releases 1st Teaser


Upcoming MBC drama which is a remake of an old Japanese drama (Beautiful Person) released its first teaser. The drama is called “Love In Sadness” (or I Love You When I’m Sad)

In the teaser a woman looks really very sad and she unbutton her shirt and turn to Ji Hyun (who is playing the role Seo Jung Won).

Park Han Byul love in sadness 2019
Screenshot from trailer

Ji Hyun gets shocked. They are inside a house and it is raining outside.

Love in sadness Ji hyun 2019
Screenshot from trailer

The drama “I Love You When I’m Sad” will tell the story of people who have lost all hope in love and yet give love a another try. Seo Jung Won (Ji Hyun) is a man ready to give his everything for his second love in life. Yoon Ma Ri (Park Han Byul) who is married to a rich man, lives a miserable married life, falls in love with Seo Jung Won.

The drama will release on February 23, 2019.

Check the teaser here~

Love You In Sadness – Korean Drama – Teaser 1 from HanCinema on Vimeo.

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