Korean Drama “Legal High” Released 3 New Trailers


We have 3 more trailers before the drama airs and the battle is on! JINGOO x Seo Eun Su in “Legal High”. It is a remake of a hit Japanese drama.

“Legal High” will focus on the story of two lawyers Go Tae Rim (JINGOO)and Seo Jae In (Seo Eun Su). Go Tae Rim is a lawyer known for his 100% success rate, while Seo Jae In deals with societal pressure of being a rookie lawyer. However she only believes in justice, while Go Tae Rim can even play with the law to win the cases.

In trailer 3 we see that Jingoo is a lawyer who wins most of his cases and nobody likes him. He is also very money minded and does nothing without money.

Jingoo Legal high kdrama 2019
Screenshot from the trailer

On the other side we see that when Seo Eun Su get to know about his mean personality, she ultimately gets shocked and hate him. Then we see that Seo Eun Su doesn’t take his attitude like others and fight head to head with Jingoo.

Seo Eun Soo legal high korean drama 2019
Screenshot from the trailer

Trailer 4 is shown in a comical concept in which both of the main leads are introduced like a superhero and villain and both of them are then shown in a battlefield.

Jingoo and Seo Eun Soo legal high 2019
Screenshot from the trailer

In trailer 5 we see Seo Eun Su as a hardworking lawyer while Jingoo that of a money comes first kind of person. Other cast of the drama is also shown later who are bringing a lot of fun in the drama.

Jingoo 2019
Screenshot from the trailer

Waaoo! the drama looks so much comical, I guess we are going to laugh a lot while watching it. Let’s wait till February 8, 2019, its releasing date!

Here are the 3 teaser links respectively~

Trailer 3~

Trailer 4~

Trailer 5~

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