Touch Your Heart Kdrama February 2019

“Touch Your Heart” Released 5 minute Long Fun Preview


Yesterday tvN released a 5 minute preview of the upcoming rom-com drama “Touch your Heart” and it is sure to make you jump with excitement. The highlight video is full of fun and frolic scenes. We get to see Lee Dong Wook as a lawyer with cold personality , while Yoo In Na as a sexy, silly but cute actress.

In the starting we see that Yoo In Na is rehearsing her script. She is beautiful but a poor actress.

Yoo In Na Touch your heart
Screenshot from the trailer

Secondly we see Lee Dong Wook in a serious and cold lawyer avatar.

Lee Dong Wook in Touch your heart
Screenshot from the trailer

Then we see that In Na gets involved in a scandal and now it is getting hard for her to get a role, finally she gets one but on a condition. She needs to live her character. So she becomes the assistance at the law firm where Dong Wook works.

Touch your heart 2019 kdrama
Screenshot from the trailer

There she causes a lot of trouble for him. Lee Dong Wook also gets on the nerve of In Na. And they both work together while cursing each other at their backs.

Yoo In Na screaming touch your heart
Screenshot from the trailer
yoo in na and lee dong wook
Screenshot from the trailer

In between the other cast of the drama is shown as well. Later in the trailer we see that they develop feelings for each other. ❤

Kdrama touch your heart romance
Screenshot from the trailer

Touch your heart is a story of a lawyer called Kwon Jung-Rok (Lee Dong Wook) who has a very cold personality and a top actress Oh Yoon-Seo (Yoo In Na) who ends up in a scandal with the grandson of a chaebol. Oh Yoon-Seo is only famous for her looks. In order to get a role of a lawyer’s secretary she fakes herself as the lawyer’s secretary in the firm where Kwon Jung-Rok’s works. The two end up in a secret romance.

I am always in for dramas that have the concept of silly yet full of attitude actor. I get a vibe of ‘My love from Star’ drama from the couple. They were such a fun to watch.

Korean drama “Touch Your Heart” will release on February 6, 2019 at 9: 30. (KST)

Here is the highlight video~

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