Korean Drama “When Devil Calls Your Name” Confirms Its Cast


Upcoming supernatural melodrama “When Devil Calls Your Name” has now completed its main cast, with Son Ji Hyun (Grand Prince) recently confirming as the main female lead. She will star opposite to Jung Kyung Ho (Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter). The other casts have Lee Seol, Lee El and Park Sung Woong.

When devil calls your name kdrama 2019
Park Sung Woong(1) Son Ji Hyun(2) Lee Seol(3) Jung Kyung Ho(4)

“When Devil Calls Your Name” will tell the story of a man named Ha Lip (Jung Kyung Ho) who makes a contract with the devil to sell his soul in exchange of youth and success. The contract remains for 10 years. After ten years he wished to live the same way again and he again goes to the devil. This time devil made a condition that he must find 3 other people who wish to sell their soul as well. Soon he finds out that the youth and success given to him was taken from a girl.

The drama will be written by the writer of “Please Come Back Mister” and will be directed by Min Jin Ki.

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