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Im Siwan Confirmed for New Thriller Drama

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OCN is continuously giving us many amazing thriller dramas and their next one is going to be based on a webtoon. If this alone doesn’t excite then you must know that singer actor Im Siwan (Moon Embracing the Sun) will be the main lead in it. Yes! his first project after returning from the compulsory military service of Korea. Im Siwan will be discharged from military on March 27.

The drama is called “Strangers From Hell” (working title) and it will tell the story of a countryside man Yoon Jong Woo who moves to Seoul in search of job. The dormitory he lives in, have some strange people and strange and mysterious things happen there. The webtoon is of the same name.

Im Siwan will play the role of Yoon Jong in the upcoming Korean drama. Webtoon “Strangers From Hell” is written by Kim Yong-ki. It will release in the 2nd half of 2019.

Update : Lee Dong Wook Offered The Role For A New Thriller Drama

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