special labor inspector jo jang-poong kdrama 2019

“Special Labor Inspector Jo Jang-Poong” Confirms its Cast and Held First Script Reading

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Korean drama “Special Labor Inspector Jo Jang-Poong” (MBC) that is set to air in April, 2019 confirmed the complete cast and has also began its first script reading.

The main casts have Kim Dong-Wook and Park Se-Young, other casts have Ryu Deok-Hwan, Kim Kyung-Nam, Seol In-A and Oh Dae-Hwan. The First script reading for the drama took place early January, 2019.

script reading special labor inspector jo kdrama

“Special Labor Inspector Jo Jang-Poong” is a story about a judo athlete Jo Jin-Gab (Kim Dong-Wook) who while fighting against corruption in sports was expelled from his field. He then becomes a gym teacher but soon loses that job due to his short temper against the school’s chairman’s son. In order to live a stable life he then becomes a public officer where he was transferred to work as a labor inspector at the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

The drama will release in the month of April.

Update : Korean drama “Special Labor Inspector Jo” releases 2 new teasers



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