Korean drama “Love For The First Time” Confirms Its Cast

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Upcoming Kdrama “Love for the first time” also called “Love at first sight” has confirmed its cast which will star Kim Young-kwang (Room No 9), Jin Ki-joo (Come and Hug Me), Kim Jae-kyung and Moo Jin-sung as the main leads.

“Love At First Sight” will have the office romance between a boss who don’t express much and a secretary who is obedient but hot-tempered. Kim Young-kwang will play the role of the cold-blooded boss Do Min Yik, who is the chief of a team at T&T Mobile Media. Jin Ki-joo will play the role of Jung Gal Hee, who is the secretary of Do Min Yik.

Kim Jae-kyung plays the role of Veronica Park, the Ceo of a production company. Moo Jin-sung will be Ki Dae Joo who is the best friend of Do Min Yuk. Jung Ae-ri and Kim Min-sang-I will also be starring in the drama.

The drama is expected to release in May, 2019.

Update : Kdrama “‘I Loved You From the Beginning” Releases First Teaser

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