Top 7 Reasons Why We Like Korean Dramas


Korean drama lovers know very well why they like kdramas so much. They will definitely relate me for the following points, but it is always a question for non kdrama fan (omo! this word is going in my k library. Non kdrama fan– a person who don’t watch Korean dramas πŸ˜‰ ) that why we like Korean dramas. Especially international kdrama fans are always surrounded by people who keep asking them the reason for their Kdrama craziness. Well here is the answer to those questions. πŸ™‚

1. Korean Dramas Are The Stress Reliever!


Korean dramas are an absolute way of relieving your whole day stress. You just get so much hooked with the problems of the characters in the drama that you forget your own problems and tensions. Moreover the story line of dramas is so intriguing that you dare think about anything else. πŸ˜‰
Had a stressful day? Watch a Kdrama!

2. Korean Dramas Makes Us Happy! ☺

Kdramas make me smile quote

Besides the plot of Korean dramas focus more on everyday struggles we face in our life, the dramas still make sure to be filled with cute and sweet moments between family, friends and couples. Especially the cute chemistry we get to see between couples makes us smile so much that it gives butterflies in our stomach as well. Korean dramas are full of funny moments too.
Kdramas makes us smile. πŸ™‚ ❀ πŸ’•

3. Story-line and Great Actors

Lee Minho korean drama memes

The amazingness of the Korean dramas lies in the story-line and the great actors that make the story so lively. Every drama holds a unique concept and their stories and characters are very relatable to the real life. Every drama leaves you with a life lesson.

The actors are also great. They have the ability to hold the tears in their eyes whenever there is such a moment. They can act every emotion, from being sad to being happy, from being a nice person to being a creep, they can do it all and it all looks natural.
That is why! I always feel sorry for the people who don’t realize the amazingness of Korean dramas. πŸ˜‰

4. Because They Have Amazing OST 🎼

Lee Minho ost meme

The most important part about a kdrama is it’s OST.

A OST literally completes a drama. The OST’s of the cute and romantic Korean dramas acts like an icing on the cake.

Also they are really very good. You can barely take your ears off the songs played during a drama.

Once a kdrama fan finishes a drama, the next step is to download the it’s OST. 🎡🎢

5. Because of Cute and Romantic Love Stories 😍

korean drama quotes

Oh! Korean dramas are highly romantic. 😍 The moments between the couple are so cute that it is sure to give butterflies in your stomach. The way a man loves a woman in the drama is so adorable to watch. Every K drama fan girl wants a man just straight out of a Korean drama. The chemistry between the leads is so real that we always ship them in the real life as well.

The fandom knows how much happy we were when the “Descendants of the Sun” couple, i.e. Song Joon Ki and Song Hye Kyo (Shown in the middle of the pic) actually married in real life. And most of the time we get two love story lines in a single drama. One is between the main leads and the other is of the second leads. Like double entertainment.

6. Because We Love Korea and it’s Culture

Yummy Korean food from dramas

Korea is a cute country. We love to see the culture of Korea in the dramas.

The mouth-watering food, cute hairstyles and dresses, historical places, Namsan Seoul tower, and amazing Korean language, all really makes it important for every k drama fan to visit Korea once in his/her life.

7. Because of Oppas (fan girl confession)

Ji Chan Wook dramas memes

oppa(였빠) means “an older brother”, and it is only used when a girl is calling an older brother or an older man who she trusts.
In English, you can call someone brother (or sister) to show that you are a close friend.
But in Korean, when a girl call a man “oppa” , it implies that she regards him as an older brother who usually takes care of everything about her like her parents. [s]

Usually female fans also use it for male celebrities.

For a Kdrama Fan Girl Oppas are everything. According to her, Oppas are the most handsome men on Earth.

So these are the 7 reasons that tell why we love Korean dramas, still it is not enough. The love for them is everlasting. ❀

Would you like to tell me your reason as well? Feel free to drop a comment below! πŸ™‚

Anneyeong πŸ™‚ ❀

5 comments on “Top 7 Reasons Why We Like Korean Dramas”

  1. I agree with all of these. I love the funny parts, the sad parts, the disappointing parts, the happy parts. They are usually very well written with a great cast and great music. My first drama was IRIS and that got me hooked. That was one of the darker dramas with a terribly sad ending, but it was so exciting. Korean dramas do have fantastic bad guys as well as wonderful good guys.

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