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“The Last Empress”(Final episode predictions)


Kdrama “The Last Empress” is doing so good that it became the highest rated Korean drama of 2018. Right now it has aired till episode 32.

The drama is packed with many evil characters, who only cares about power and money. Each episode will leave you with a suspense. A new mystery is solved every minute in this drama. The cast is amazing, especially Jang Na-ra. She can be from a cute and innocent girl to becoming a strong and bold women whose words could even shake the evil Empress Dowager. So far the drama is very interesting and astonishing.

There are still many secrets to be revealed in this drama, which are really hard to predict. So far my predictions have come true. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I predicted that Na Wang Sik, will lose weight to change his appearance so that he could disguise himself in the palace. And that’s what happened. ๐Ÿ˜€

I predicted that the Emperor will fall in love with Oh Sunny in future. And that is happening right now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have made some more predictions that might reveal in the final episodes of the last empress. This is truly a guess, I have no idea what is going to happen in the next episode. Still I made some guesses, so here it is~

1. The Sapphire Necklace That Oh Sunny Had Is Fake

Remember the necklace Lee Hyuk gave to Sunny as a family tradition of passing the necklace to the empress. I’m 40% sure that it is fake, because I don’t believe that the avaricious Empress Dowager would have kept such an invaluable thing in the palace and that she would have given it to Oh Sunny so easily in the first place.

The necklace in the the last empress korean drama

2. Empress Dowager Has Hidden The Real Sapphire Necklace In the Island

A lot of mysteries in the drama are now leading to the island. The Grand empress Dowager gave the island painting to the Empress Dowager and also late Empress was cause to death because she knew the secret of the island. The fact that Empress Dowager wants that island so desperately , made me believe that she has some big thing hidden in that island. And that big thing could be the sapphire necklace. Well! just a guess ๐Ÿ˜‰

Island in the last empress

3. Empress Dowager Is Secretly Doing a Drug Business

The secret room hidden in the palace garden where the Empress dowager goes without bodyguards is the place where she might be carrying out the drug business. I suspected this when one of the palace worker who was captivated by the empress dowager in the secret room, told Oh Sunny that her head was aching all the time due to a strange smell coming from the room.

Also the papers that her daughter sign without reading might be related to it.

kdrama The last empress episode 32 eng sub

4. She Will Hide The Real Necklace Inside the Palace In Future.

Remember the episode 1 of “The Last Empress” in which the corps found the necklace hidden in the palace on the body of a corpse. This might be the corpse of the late Empress and the Empress dowager might have hidden it in the palace out of the fear of being found by the Empress Sunny.

5. Either Na Wang Shik or The Emperor will Die In The End

Ohh! we all are waiting for the end, with so much secrets waiting everyday is a torture. I feel one of them will die in the end. Na Wang Shik might die in the end, may be while saving Oh Sunny. Emperor Lee Hyuk might die from the hands of Na Wang Shik or he might kill himself. (Why? Check the next point ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Na Wang sik and the emperor

6. Emperor Will Repent For His Wrong Doings to Oh Sunny

Well! we are already seeing the symptoms of it. In The last 2 episodes anyone could tell that the Emperor is in love with the Empress. And we also see that slowly he is repenting for what he did to Oh Sunny. In the end he might kill himself when he finds out that all the people he trusted are now against him only because of his wrong deeds.

The Last empress Korean drama

7. Empress Dowager Will Be Killed By Her Son

Clearly Empress dowager is using her children in order to continue her high-profile life in the palace. As usual Emperor Lee Hyuk never spares the one who deceives him, he will not even spare her mother when he’ll find out her secrets.

Emperor Lee Hyuk

So these were my guesses for the ending of the last empress. What do you think about them? Is there any guess made by you? I’m eagerly waiting to have a chit-chat on these with you in comments.

Anneyeong โค ๐Ÿ™‚

30 comments on ““The Last Empress”(Final episode predictions)”

  1. I started watching this drama after seeing the announcement of the trailer on your blog. And I must say I haven’t regretted it. It just gets better and better! Omg if Na wang shik dies I might die of depression but let’s wait and see about the predictions !

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  2. After the DE mentioned sending one of the maids there, I began to think it could be a slave island/prostitution ring. Then the maid mentioned the headache and the palace guard began that’s locked up began to freak out over nothing and thought maybe drugs like you. It’s all crazy how much all of these characters are tied in together. I think that everyone need to be on the same team to defeat the DE since she’s the one that’s caused all of these issues.

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    1. A slave island/prostitution ring is definitely possible as DE mentioned to emperor that she would like to spend her retirement there, So she might be preparing for it already with her own kingdom on a seperate island. But still I think there is really a big reason hidden behind that island, like the whole story depends on it.

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      1. I think it’s hilarious that ED gave Sunny that painting because she basically just tipped her off. Maybe the painting was made by the last empress so the Grand Empress wanted to remind ED that she knew the secret thus pissing her off. I can’t wait to see how this lady’s mask falls off in front of the country.

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  3. Good theories and predictions! But I think another option about the island. I have thought about the island is a treasured place of the royal. And also the Empress Dowager’s victims. ๐Ÿ˜€ I don’t why, but I imagined the island is full of body :””)

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  4. I think his wife and/or kids are on the island and evil Grandma is holding them as future puppets for the throne. I wish the Emperor could be made okay somehow, but how could it be possible? Too much has happened. And, Sunny needs to finish this mess and just get out and live her life…maybe adopting the lil princess and Na Wang Shik’s lil brother? And Oh Hello and the Prince of words need to move on and be happy.

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    1. His wife and the kid are dead as the Emperor’s brother himself burried the body outside her chamber, this was shown in the last 2 episodes. So I don’t think that the she is there. ๐Ÿ˜Š And Yaa Sunny has gone through much already, but she is coming out very strong as a character. She is worth to be an Empress of the modern Korea. She would do her job just so well.


  5. You are great. All you prediction near the drama happening. Hyuk once tried kill himself after he know that all abandoned him but Sunny save him.

    I have another prediction or my hope in this drama. I hope Hyuk didnt die to save anyone or died with kill himself.

    I hope he still alive in the end. He abdication his throne to his youngest brother and became ordinary person in that island. He divorce Sunny to save her or to pay his mistake to her.

    But, I have disapointted thing. After I watch the drama, I know that Yoon (Hyukโ€™s youngest brother) know that his brother and his sister in law fight each other because false news about the late empressโ€™s realtionship with her guard/bestfriend. I feel dissapoint because Yoon didnt try to suggested his brother that his sister in law didnt betray him. He even escape to the abroad without telling about the late empressโ€™s death case to his grandmother (who have big power at that time as an empress dowager). I hope in the end, Yoon as Hyukโ€™s younger brother can know his mistake and not blame all mistake to his brother.

    Its my hope.


    1. Thankyou Shira. I regret not writing predictions for fates and furies, all of them came true in the end. Well! Next drama I’ll make sure to write! Have You Watched fates and furies?
      You are right! But I don’t think Yoon knew much about the relationship of late Empress, he just saw the dead body of her in the pond. He never saw anyone killing her.
      I hope you are getting my point.
      Well! That ordinary person thing seems good but I don’t think that he would divorce Sunny. As the drama name is the last empress. And Sunny has to remain empress till the end. It is just what I think.
      Ohh! and that Island I think we will be revealed a little about it in episode 45 and 46.
      Ohhh and do you know the drama will now be a total of 52 episodes! Ahhh more time waiting for the secrets to be revealed. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ


      1. Wellcome.

        You said that the empress dowager doing drugss bussiness. It’s true.

        As you said, I cant blame Yoon too. But, if he said to his grand mother that he looked the dead body of the late empress and saw his brother there, maybe his brother no became like this. But as many people said to me, Yoon is key of the case so I cant blame him. I am happy because in ep.47,48 Yoon said the truth about the nanny. I am happy because Hyuk save Yoon before.

        As you said, the emperor cant divorce the empress. And I believe that your prediction is true about the emperor. It’s more logis if he died to save the empress. I watch it and hope the better ending.

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  6. For the first time I feel I didnt want the drama that I watch is over. This drama is really interesting. I love film/novel with anti hero and villainess became protagonish like this film.

    This last week. This day this drama will end. I feel sad because this drama will get the ending.

    I had watch the preview. Sunny said about the last words of Hyuk. I think the emperor died.

    I hope one day, I can watch another drama with anti hero and villainess who get second chance. Do you have recomendation?

    Thanks for your blog.

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    1. Well! Everything has to end sometime. For recommendations I don’t think so I have watched something like this you are talking about. โ˜บ I’ll tell you when I find something like this for sure.
      And thanks for visiting the blog and taking your time. Nice having you here. You may sign up so that we can contiue talking more about dramas. Thank you โ˜บ


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