Korean drama Fates and Furies kiss

(Fates and Furies) Kdrama Moment: Their First Kiss

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~A Korean drama moment from Fates and Furies ep 16.~

As usual Go He Ra again stayed late at the work, so that she can have some time with Tae In Joon. They both were finally having some deep conversations related to their feelings about each other, although it was more about reading between the lines than expressing directly.

Tae In Joon was helpless to hide his feelings, while Goo He ra wanted him to speak first as this was her way of seducing him. (She had a plan.)

It was late at night He-ra was returning from work and Tae In Joon was attending the dinner with his family and In-Laws.

She tried a lot ways to stop Tae In Joon from marrying Cha Soo Hyun. This time she had a big evidence against Cha Soo Hyun that will stop her from marrying In-joon. Unfortunately she trusted the wrong person to do the job and he immediately asks some men to take care of her.

As she was going home she gets followed by some strange men. She ran as fast as she can and end up at a street block. The men came following her and snatches her purse, there was no money. Then they tried to come at Go He Ra. Go He-ra fights back and somehow manages to escape. She hides at some place all bruised and scared. She was crying. Suddenly she remembers Tae In Joon’s words. Tae In Joon asked her to call him anytime if she needs any help, and he wanted to help her more than just work.

Tae In Joon and Go He-ra in Fates and Furies

Tae In Joon gets a call while he was having the dinner. When he picked the phone, he heard the low and scared voice of Go-He Ra. This makes him tense and he suspects something is wrong. His father gets angry over not taking the family dinner with his In-Laws seriously and asks

Is it related to work?

No father, it is more than work! ( ❤ )

Rushing out of the house he asks Go He-Ra to open the company app so that he can track her.

Go-Hae Ra breathing heavily, crying and scared to death waits for Tae In Joon.

When Tae In Joon came finding her, Goo Hae Ra immediately burst out crying and told In Joon how scared she was.

Fates and furies hug

Tae In Joon feeling her pain hugs her immediately and tell her to calm down. He then looks at her face which had marks on it. He felt very sad and while wiping her tears, he was himself in tears .

Korean drama fates and furies episode 16

Fates and a furies episode 16

Both became desperate for each other. They have hid their feelings for a long time. And now seeing each other this way they cannot control themself.

Korean drama Fates and Furies kiss

❤ And they both kissed! ❤

Fates annd Furies first kiss

Korean drama fates and furies passionate kiss

Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook Kiss

There are many Kdrama moments that leave us spell-bound. You get attached to the characters and you can feel the emotions of them too. These moments become special for you. This moment from episode 16 of “Fates and Furies” became special for me. My heart was racing so much while watching it that it felt I was right there. ❤

I’m going to collect these moments in my new section of the website Kdrama Journey, which is going to start with first impression of a drama, the beautiful moments from that drama and finally a review for that drama.

Each drama will have a common tag for their journeys. For Example

The tag “Kdrama Journey Fates and Furies” will have, impressions, review and moments related to Fates and Furies drama. This will make it easy to get a complete kdrama journey of the drama.

Isn’t it going to be helpful to know more about the drama without actually being completely open to spoilers? Please let me know if the idea is worth it.

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