Kdrama The Crowned Clown

Intense 5 Minute Preview Released for the Upcoming Korean drama “The Crowned Clown”


We are just three days away from the most anticipated first historical Korean drama of 2019 that is “The Crowned Clown.” tvN released a 5 minute long preview of the drama and its filled with many intense moments.

In the preview, the king fears for his life. He discovers a clown in the town who looks exactly like him. In order to save himself the king makes him the king. The crowned clown then works to sharpen his personality as that of a king. The clown and the queen are then seen developing their relationship.

Lee Se-Young in the crowned clown

Yeo Jin-Goo in the Crowned clown

Kdrama The Crowned Clown

“The Crown Clown” story goes like this, Lee Hun (Yeo Jin-Goo) is a king who is in danger of being assassinated. In order to save the king a man named Ha Sun (Yeo Jin-Goo) who looks exactly like the king impersonates the king in the palace.

Ha Sun was adopted by a group of clowns after his parents death. So he grew up performing as a clown. In the palace he falls in love with the Queen Yoo So-Woon (Lee Se-Young).

The Korean drama “The Crowned Clown” will release on January 7, 2019.

Here is the preview link~


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