Romance is a bonus book

Korean drama “Romance Supplement” released first teaser trailer

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Lee Jong Suk’s first romance Korean drama “Romance Supplement” also called “Romance is a Bonus Book” starring Lee Na Young released the first teaser trailer. Lee Jong Suk is narrating the trailer while sewing the pages of a book.

Romance Supplement

The drama “Romance is a Bonus Book” is going to focus on the lives of workers in their 30’s working in a publishing company. Cha Eun Ho (Lee Jong Suk) is the company’s youngest editor-in-chief who is also excellent in his job. Kang Dan-Yi (Lee Na Young) loses her job of copywriter in which she was very popular. She lies about her background to get into a publishing company.

Update : Korean Drama “Romance is a Bonus Book” released 2 new teaser trailers

Korean drama “Romance Supplement” will release on 26 January, 2019.

Here is the teaser link~

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