Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy kdrama vagabond

Action-Packed first Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama “Vagabond”


Just few hours ago, the most anticipated drama of 2019 “Vagabond” released its first trailer and I can’t control my excitement for the drama. My first expression after seeing the trailer was

Did I just see the trailer of a Korean drama or the trailer of a Hollywood action movie? :O

“Vagabond” Korean drama tells the story of Cha Gun (Lee Seung Gi) who wants to be an action star but gets involved in a plane crash investigation and begins to dig up information on the country’s corruption. Go Hae-ri (Bae Suzy) wants to support her family thus she choses to be a public officer and becomes a black NIS (National Intelligent Service) agent.

The trailer showed Lee Seung Gi being involved in a plane crash investigation, he is upset about the way things going around in the country and he decides to find the truth himself. Bae suzy is shown all in action as an NIS agent and I’m loving it. ❤ There was also a little glimpse of their romance in the trailer.

The trailer looks so good that it certainly feels to me that Korean dramas has raised their standards. Bae Suzy is perfect for the role. It is going to be so amazing to see her as an agent.

“Vagabond” kdrama will probably release in May, 2019.

Trailer shared by Bae Suzy and Lee Seung Gi on their official Instagram ID.

On Lee Seung Gi’s Instagram~

On Bae Suzy’s Instagram~

You can also watch the official trailer on SBS official website


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