First Teaser Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama “Left Handed Wife”

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KBS2’s upcoming melodrama series “Left handed wife” released its first teaser. The drama includes Lee Soo Kyung, Kim Jin Woo, Jin Tae Hyun Lee Seung Yun and Ha Yun Joo in its cast.

At first in the teaser Lee Soo Kyung is seen happy with her husband. They are walking happily while holding their hands. Suddenly her husband gets lost and she keeps finding him with worry. Then the teaser introduces some more characters of the drama and the teaser ends with a watch falling down and Lee Soo Kyung gets shocked.

The character of the melodrama includes

Lee Soo Kyung as Oh San Ha,

Left handed wife kdrama

Ha Yun Joo as Esther Jang,

Ha yun ju left handed wife

Kim Jin Woo as Lee Soo Ho / Park Do Kyung,

Kim jun yu left handed wife

Lee Seung Yun,

and Jin Tae Hyun as Kim Nam Joon

Left Handed Wife” will tell the story of Lee Soo Ho and Oh Sun Ha who are newly married. They go on their honeymoon, but a strange incident changes their lives. Lee Soo Ho gets into an accident and he loses his memory. Meanwhile his wife Oh Sun Ha doesnot know anything about the accident and tries to find her husband.

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“Left handed wife” will release on January 2, 2019.

Here is the teaser link~

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