Jung Su Min Kdrama "Because this is my first life""

Kdrama “Because This Is My First Life” First Impression (How I felt)

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“Because this is my first life” revolves around Nam Se Hee and Yoon Ji Ho in their 30’s, prohibited themselves from dating, and who ended up living together as roommates.

What made me watch the Korean drama “Because this is my first life”?

I was looking for a drama to binge watch. Then I remember seeing those Instagram videos featuring clippings from the dramas. Many people commented that the drama is good and have some reality. So it is always good to see something you can click to. 🙂

How I felt when I saw the first episode of “Because this is my first life”? (First Impression)

Just like the image below, it felt so great and light at the same time. ❤

When Yoon Ji Ho was feeling the bright sun.

The characters are so relatable, you will definitely find a character to relate to. 🙂

Yoon Ji Ho is an assistant writer, who after some experience decides to be a freelancer. At the same time she is naive and knows nothing about the world.

When Yoon Ji Ho was celebrating her birthday.

Although she is naive, she can still make bold decisions in her life. Like she kissed a stranger on the bus-stop whom she spent just few minutes with, even though she has no experience in dating. (Pretty bold right! 😉 )

When Yoon Ji Ho and Nam Se Hee kissed! :*

I found her character full of positivity and determination. She is a kind of girl who doesn’t stays on the ground for long and gets up even more stronger.

When Yoon Ji Ho got emotional for her mother’s love.

The next character you can relate to is her friends. Yoon Ji Ho friends are really supportive to her. One of her friend is having a bold character who tells Yoon Ji Ho to fight for her rights from her parents, who favour more to their son then their daughter.

When Yoon Ji Ho and her friends were having conversation about Yoon Ji Ho’s moving out of her house, as now it will be owned by her brother who is newly married.

The next character is Nam Se Hee.

“I can’t work overnight, I have to feed my cat, else find me a roommate”

Haha! 😂 His character is full of humour. He is honest and says what he have to say, he doesn’t care about what others will say and he rarely smiles.

When Nam Se Hee was comforting Yoon Ji Ho after she finds out her long time crush has a girlfriend.

The plot of the story looks fine, there are a lot of its and bits going on in Yoon Ji Ho’s life, which is quiet interesting to watch. Overall! an enjoyable drama with a mix of humour. 🙂

When Yoon Ji ho sees her brother with another girl who is actually his wife and Yoon Ji Ho was not aware of it.

The drama focuses more on problems people face in their lives and what they do to overcome them. Well! that’s why I’m here, always loved such dramas. ❤

When Nam Se Hee and his team member were discussing about the colour pink.

Cinematography was amazing, the drama looked beautiful every minute.

I also liked how Yoon Ji Ho was looking time to time at the camera to explain how messy her life is to the audience.


Would I recommend the drama “Because this is my first life”?

If you are looking for a Korean drama with reality and comedy or a drama having a character you can relate to, then this is the drama. Still..

Four reasons to watch it~

1. The Characters

A girl who knows nothing, learns new things, living by herself for the first time and decides to be a freelancer. Isn’t it something we always like to see? 😉

A man who don’t like people easily, ends up liking his roommate very much and who have theories for everything happening with people’s life.


2. Sense of Humour

Since it is a rom-com kdrama, the drama holds a good sense of humour. I literally smiled and laughed throughout the show.

girl smiling
When Yoon Ji Ho was going back home after she kissed Nam Se Hee. ❤ :*

3. Combination of fiction and reality

Although the drama revolves around real life problems, but still it has many fictional aspects which only adds fun to the drama.

4. Watch it if you have a cat

Nam Se Hee has a very cute cat 😻 and he often talks a lot about cats.

Cute cat photo
Nam Se He’s cat for whom he would do anything! ❤

So I would say! Go for it. 😊

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