Lee Min Jung in Fates and Furies

Kdrama “Fates and Furies” First Impression (How I Felt)


Fates and Furies is a story about a smart and beautiful woman called Goo Hae-Ra (Lee Min-Jung) who lives a miserable life due to some financial problems in her family. In order to make her life better she tries to make the heir of a good company (Joo Sang-Wook) to fall in love with her.

Why I Started watching “Fates and Furies”?

I was already impressed with the story line, it is always interesting to see a woman seducing a man in the drama. (Only in the drama though 😉 ) So all those planning and plotting and the politics going on in a rich family, Ahh !! Common that’s what make a good and interesting drama. 😉

How I felt when I first watched “Fates and Furies”? (First impression + Episode 1 Recap)

I happen to come across the first episode of “Fates and Furies” by chance and I liked it at very instant when Lee Min-Jung was in a helicopter wearing a beautiful red dress with a handsome rich man (Joo Sang Wook). (She was smiling looking at him in a helicopter watching the fireworks sparkling right in front of her eyes).

Lee Min Jung in Fates and Furies

She narrated a very captivating line which says “There was a man who said good shoes take people to good places, but I hated it when he said that. It was like giving a false hope. So I said it was wrong all the time. (She then smiled towards the handsome rich man and said ) Today he was right.”

Joo Sang Wook In Fates and Furies

Then the story goes backward and we are in Busan now in the workshop (It was decorated from awards won by He-ra’s father ) where He-Ra is making shoes. (This is so cool a girl making shoes, we don’t usually get to see this. ❤ )

Girl making shoes

Lee Min Jung making shoes in Fates and Furies

Then a man comes in bringing some stuff for the shop. He then reads a magazine article to He-Ra which says “Tae In-Joon is getting married to the famous anchor Cha Soo Hyun”. He-ra then gets a message on her phone which says “They are here, be careful” and they both closes the shop quickly and run from the cops. (She makes fake shoes that’s why.) She then again narrates the line “Good shoes take people to good places, he is wrong. People wearing good shoes are in good places already.”

Fates and Furies ep 1

She is then saved by a man (He is a debt collector, our lady seems to be under huge debt), he offers her to be the interpreter of an Italian businessman as He-ra once studied in Italy. She then get’s a call from Hyun Joo’s hospital.

Fates and furies Kdrama

Now we are at a construction site where we get to see handsome Tae In-Joon but unfortunately he gets into a fight with his older brother Tae Jung Ho (not real). In-Joon wants to build a Shoe Factory there but his older brother wants to make a shopping mall. (Cool! so both of our main leads have one thing in common they both make shoes. ❤ )



Then there is He-ra at hospital visiting her sister who is in coma. There the caretaker complains her for not paying her on time.

Fates and furies kdrama

In-joon then enters his house and there he sees his father slapping a girl named Jung Min for drinking and driving (I think she is his sister).

Kdrama Fates and furies

His father then talks to In-joon and tells him to give up his shoe business and look for something else as it is not going well and also to soon marry Chairman Cha’s daughter. He then insisted on keeping the shoe business as this is what his mother used to do. (So both of the main leads are carrying out their parents profession. He-ra is carrying out her father’s professions and In-Joon his mother’s. So cool and heartwarming! 🙂 ❤ )

In-Joon imagines his childhood self when he was going out of his house. The child is crying and saying that he will come back and won’t get kicked out so easily. (Hmm In-Joon seems to have a bad past, feels like he is not really happy with his family.)


Then we are in a news room where an anchor is reading the news about the Gold Group’s third daughter being drunk and driving (Ah! so she is In-joon’s sister) and calling the rich heir’s abnormal. Anchor Cha Soo Hyun was also sitting there and she cut’s him saying that we should not believe in false reports. (I liked her here, she was saving her future husband’s family from being humiliated on national TV, that’s really good.)

Cha Soo Hyun Fates and furies

She then goes to meet In-Joon. They both enters a hotel all smiling with their faces (Little did I know it was only for cameras)

Cha Soo Hyun fates and furies

As soon as they entered the hotel, Soo Hyun scolds In-Joon for his family being always in trouble and also she has to read it as an evening news daily. (Omo! I completely changed my thoughts about her, that is so mean of her. :\ She is scolding such a handsome good man. Uhh! 😉 )

He smiles and says sorry. She didn’t like it and immediately resisted it, to which In-Joon replied “Just like you smiled while entering the hotel.” She said it was for the reporters and for his company’s stock.


In-Joon then asks her whether she want to marry him or just be his business partner. She puts the same question on him. In-Joon replies “As business partners” and Soo-hyun replies “To marry him”. She then brags about her family being the most powerful one in Busan. She then leaves by saying that she’ll leave in 2 hours and meanwhile he can do whatever he wants. In-Joon kept staring at her all startled by her mean behavior. (I’m literally scared of this woman now 😐 )


Next we see He-Ra showing Busan to an Italian man (Just like that strange man asked her to do). The Italian businessman asked her to help him in a business meeting with a Korean Company. He also needed her to interpret the canceling of a business deal with Gold Group Shoe company (It’s the company that In-Joon owns). There Tae In-Joon upon hearing the canceling of the deal rushes to Busan in hurry.


Then the scene changes and we see a man in a plane holding a tablet reading the news of Cha Soo Hyun and Tae In-Joon’s marriage. (Hmmm! He seems to be in relation with Cha Soo Hyun, also he looks sad) There is also a cute little daughter with him but Alas! she is sick. (It hurts to know that this cute little girl is sick, this is how Kdramas makes us so much emotional ;( )



Then we are at some bar room (Sorry I don’t have much knowledge about the place. 😀 ) where the Italian businessman is having a meeting with a Korean businessman . He-ra is also sitting there as his interpreter. Suddenly In-Joon enters the room and the Korean businessman and him both starts picking on each other. He then asks for an interpreter.


He-Ra approves and he then tries to convince the Union Leather Rawhide’ CEO (The Italian Businessman 😉 ). But he seems to be loosing it. The Italian Businessman then asks for He-Ra’s opinion as he thinks she is the smartest person here. (Off course I found her character to be that of a smart and beautiful women who is always in trouble 😀 ). She gives a little diplomatic answer. But the other Korean Businessman becomes suspicious and he loses his temper over He-Ra’s talking back to him and throws the wine at He-Ra. He then teases He-Ra to take off her clothes as she might be uncomfortable in wet clothes. (Such a pathetic man, this is boiling me up 😐 ) This gets on He-Ra’s nerve and she takes the ice bucket and poured it on her and says “It doesn’t feel uncomfortable when you’re soaked, I don’t have to take this off now?”

Kdrama fates and furies ep 1

She then leaves the room. (Waaaa! she is so bold, I loved her character so much. I see that In-Joon was also impressed by He-Ra’s move, it felt like he fell for her, but didn’t realize that. )

korean drama fates and furies

The end

Would I recommend the Kdrama “Fates and Furies” based on the first episode?

I say go for it!. The leading lady He-Ra’s character is so cool, bold and beautiful, you would love her at every moment. Also we see the rich family troubles and politics going on in this drama which are always enjoyable to watch.

I really liked how both He-Ra and In Joon are carrying out their late parents profession with so much passion. And the fact that the leading couple of the drama both have a common profession but at different levels makes me more curious about the drama. I would like to see them have a date which ends up in cute talks about shoe making. (I know this is silly. 😀 ) Well! I’m rooting for the drama, I found it pretty interesting.

Update : (Fates and Furies) Kdrama Moment: Their First Kiss

What about you? Are you thinking about watching it? or Have you started it already? If so then do let me know how you felt about it. I would love to know it. 🙂

Anneyeong ❤

Done Watching! Check out the → review!

Fates and furies review

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      1. You are writing I’m also a little disappointed that they didn’t give them a real time with real feelings after everything was solved. To me it felt like it ended too quickly as I was enjoying it very much. And I hoped ending would be something where Go Ara would be successful or something like that. But still the drama is good with good actors. I’m actually thinking of writing its review right now. Please look forward. ☺

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