Park Min Young Considering A Fan Girl Role In Korean Drama “Her Private Life”


Our Rom-Com Kdrama princess Park Min Young is considering to star in another cute rom-com Korean Drama “Her Private Life” which is based on a web novel 그녀의 사생활 (Noona Fan Dot Com) by Kim Sung Yeon.

In the drama “Her Private Life”, Park Min Young who is playing the role of Sung Deok Mi, is a museum curator but she is also a crazy fan girl of idols since 20 years and the interesting thing is that no one knows about her being a crazy fan girl. (A lot of us fan girls are going to relate to her 😉 ) The trouble starts in her life when her secret of being a fan girl gets on the verge of being exposed at her workplace.

Update : Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook will star together in “Her Private Life”

The drama looks all cute and relatable plus if Park Min Young confirms the role, it would be an icing on the cake for us. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for her confirmation. Her recent Kdrama “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” was a huge success.

Park Min Young In What's wrong with Secretary Kim
Park Min Young in ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ [source]
The drama “Her Private Life” is expected to release in early 2019.

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