Kdrama “Children Of Nobody” 2018 (Synopsis +Trailer)

Children of Nobody

The first episode of ‘Children of Nobody’ also known as ‘Red Moon Blue Sun’ released on 21 November, 2018.


“Children Of Nobody” is a story of a child counselor Cha Woo-Kyung (Kim Sun-A) who has everything in her life, a better job, a good husband and children. Her life takes turns after she gets into an accident. After the accident she faces some strange events. With the help of detective Kang Ji-Hun (Lee Yi-Kyung) she tries to solve the reason behind those.


Mystery, Crime

Trailer Link:

8 comments on “Kdrama “Children Of Nobody” 2018 (Synopsis +Trailer)”

      1. Haha i’ve been feeling this too, and what’s worse I got ill in the middle of all these great dramas coming. 😅
        So I saved some for later and will cover only two new dramas this month hope so.


  1. According to my research, Top star Yoo Baek, The Last Empress, Encounter and Clean With Passion did well this month, you can chose from them. I started The last empress, i was about to right a first impression but my health didn’t allow me so. I’m going to write it soon. Kidariyo Angalisk96 😊


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