Korean Drama “Mama Fairy And The Woodcutter” First Impression (How I Felt)


Why I Started watching the drama?

The story of the drama goes like this. Once a fairy named Sun Ok-Nam (Moon Chae-Won) was bathing under a waterfall on Gyeryong Mountain. Suddenly a woodcutter named Jung Yi-Hyun (Yoon Hyun-Min) took her fairy clothes and hid them. The fairy clothes had wings in them which would help the fairy to travel back to heaven. As a result she remain stuck on Earth. She then marry the woodcutter and have children. But the woodcutter dies without telling about her clothes. She then waits for her husband’s second life reincarnation on Earth. After 699 years she gets a feeling that the person coming to her cafe (She now runs a cafe) is her husband.

It is based on a webtoon. The drama has fantasy and I like fairies. 😉

How I Felt When I First Saw The Drama?

Honestly it was a little hard to get attached to the drama at first. Usually, only the first 10 minutes of the drama are enough for me to get attached to the drama. This drama didn’t do its magic on me, but as the story progressed it started to get a little interesting.

The drama started with some fairies from heaven bathing in the river. One of the fairy suddenly notices her clothes are not there. Without her clothes she could not go back to her home. Afterwards all the fairies leave her alone on Earth.


Then we get to see JUNG YI-HYUN, a man who has insomnia, is grumpy most of the times and always needs coffee. We also saw KIM GEUM who is his teaching assistant who never remembers his house pass-code. Till now the drama was plain and simple


I immediately raised the volume of my phone when Yi Hyun’s car took the turn to a mysterious road after seeing a sign board of a Coffee Shop nearby as he was craving for coffee. They were going to Kim Geum’s house on the holiday of Chuseok.


They reached a coffee shop with the name “Fairy Cafe” and They both immediately found it weird to see a mysterious coffee shop in the middle of the mountains.


Yi Hyun kept complaining about the coffee shop being in the middle of the mountains as strange. Again the Coffee shop menu was bit weird. So they ordered the most famous coffee in the cafe. The coffee looked a bit weird that Yi Hyun was reluctant to drink it. He notices a fly in his coffee and calls the old lady, the owner of the cafe. She removes the fly with her hand, which Yi Hyun didn’t  like at all. So he gets a new cup of coffee. (This scene was a bit funny, when Yi Hyun told her not to use her dirty hands in the coffee Old Lady immediately said that her hands are the most clean thing in the world, which is true after all she is a fairy 😉 )


Then they returned to the road and ultimately lost their way. They both got out of the car in order to track their way. Suddenly they see the old cafe lady going for bath in a hidden spring. As soon as the old lady removed her clothes she turned into a beautiful young lady. Both Yi Hyun and Kim Geum got shocked to see this.


As soon as the lady saw them she kicked them on the ground.


After getting their head’s straight they find themselves back in their car, bruised and wondering what had happened right now.

After that they reached at Kim Geum’s house. Kim Geum takes Yi Hyun to a function being organized in his village on the eve of Chuseok. There they saw the same old lady that transformed into a young woman at the spring.


We also get to see the other fairy characters of the drama during this scene who are known to the fairy.


Yi Hyun who suffers from insomnia, strangely had a sound sleep that night. He thought that the coffee he drank at the fairy cafe is the reason for his sound sleep. So they both went back to the fairy cafe, but the cafe was closed that day due to Chuseok, still the fairy made the coffee for the two.


Yi Hyun urgently needed to go to the washroom so he went to the washroom in the cafe. There old lady found the sound Yi Hyun made while urinating as familiar. She then hides and turn into a beautiful young lady again and thought to herself if this is the sound that her husband used to make.(Honestly this was more funny than emotional 😀 )


Then after a while when Yi Hyun was drinking the coffee, the cat which lives with the old lady  dips her mouth into the cup.  Yi Hyun shouted at the cat by calling her name which is Jeom Soon. Which made the old lady even more suspicious as she never mentioned her cat’s name in front of them. She asks Yi Hyun about it, he tells that even he don’t know how he knew her name.


This made the old lady even more sure that Yi Hyun is her husband’s reincarnation. Yi Hyun then asks the old lady if she is the woman they say transforming into a young woman at the spring. She immediately removed and gave the flower tied in her hairs to Yi Hyun and transformed back into the same young woman they saw then.


This shocked both of them and they departed from the place. She then goes back to her room and takes out her husband’s 699 years old clothes and smells it. (This scene was also funny because the clothes were stinking so much as she has not washed them since her husband’s death 😀 )


Then she remembers her good memories with her husband.

After that we get to know a cool fairy named Jeom Soon. Yes! the cat, it turned into a fairy. She is fairy’s daughter, she can transform into a cat and even transform into a tiger. (I really liked her vibrant look + she is a combination of cuteness and coolness. She looks even more cute when she has whiskers on her face look! ❤ )


We also have a new fairy coming which is not born yet. It is still in the fairy egg. The egg cracked a bit for the first time in years. Fairy cannot wait anymore she discusses with her friends about the hints she got from Yi Hyun (And yeah! she does not remember her husband’s face) and tells her daughter that they need to go to Seoul to find her dad (By which she meant Yi Hyun)

They head over to Seoul. (In Seoul we get to see another cool fairy named D. She runs a small coffee shop at the same university where Yi Hyun works. If you go to her and ask for coffee, then please take your own tumbler as she cares about the environment, and if you go against that she will teach you a lesson with her fairy power. Be aware! 😉 )


(And yes! we also get a hint that she likes Yi Hyun.) Also there both the fairy and Jeom Soon found Yi Hyun. Then again we have a flashback of fairy and the woodcutter, this time woodcutter was leaving fairy in search of work or something.


The night comes and the fairy and daughter needed a place to stay. So the fairy calls all the pigeon’s to cover her in the cold night.


Kim Geum happen to see her and he asks her to stay at his place for the night. There Kim Geum asks the old lady what kind of creature is she. She replied that  she is a fairy and then she grew flowers to a flowerless pot with her magical powers.


The End

So the first episode was quiet simple you see. I found it OK, but as we all are not same, some might like the drama, some might not. So based on the first episode I created the reasons to watch it and reason to not watch it.

3 Reasons to watch Korean drama “Mama fairy and the woodcutter”

  1. If you are a teenager (I believe I would have loved it if I was teenager, as it is a combination of cheesy scenes and emotions).
  2. I believe the drama will get better as it progresses, let’s see what the drama has to offer apart from this. May be it was simple because we already knew so much about the story.
  3. Funny Characters and cool fairies. I must say the fairies here are so cool and funny at the same time.

1 Reason not to watch Korean drama “Mama fairy and the woodcutter”

  1. If you are not a teenager anymore. I believe adults need something more connected to the real world. And even if it is fantasy it should be able to blend well with reality. The drama lacks that. The CGI was not that much good + it felt like having fairies in this world is a normal thing, this killed the curiosity.

So what do you think about this drama? Are you thinking about watching it or you have already started watching it? Do let me know your answers in comments ! I’m eager to listen from you as well. 🙂

Anneyeong! 🙂








9 comments on “Korean Drama “Mama Fairy And The Woodcutter” First Impression (How I Felt)”

  1. I watched the first episode and wasn’t really impressed enough to continue watching. I decided to park it for an eventual watch later but definitely not my speed so far which kinda sucks cause I’ve been looking for a nice fantasy kdrama to get into. – Sugar Baby Unnie

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh! We have an Exo-l here. 😄 I forgot to tell about another fantasy drama “The last empress”. I’m definitely going to watch this one. The drama looks like it is going to be a hit. I hope you watch it too. ☺

        Liked by 1 person

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